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How to install Windows 7 Windows 7 is the operating system designed by Microsoft in October 2009. It was known by code names “Blackcomb ” and “Vienna ”. It is built on the Vista kernel. It follows the previous version of Windows which is called Windows Vista. Windows 7 boot time is faster than previous version Windows Vista. It has the graphical user interface that allows a user to interact with items using a keyboard and mouse. The Windows 7 operating system is available in three editions: Home Premium Professional and Ultimate. The Windows 7 is highly used operating system in the world. It is easy to install the Microsoft Windows 7 on their PC or laptop. Before you start installation process I suggest that user check Windows 7 System Requirement list to ensure that your hardware supported by Windows 7. There are two types of installation in Windows 7: Upgrade and Custom. Upgrade: It replaces your current version of Windows with Windows 7 and saves your files and programs on your computer. Custom: It is a fresh installation. This is the best way to clean install. Follow the steps for Microsoft Windows 7 installation and you can get information via Microsoft Windows 7 Support. Step 1: Insert your Windows 7 DVD into your DVD drive and reboot your computer. A Window will start to boot up and a black window will appear instantly while the DVD content is read. Step 2: A Start Windows screen will appear. Step 3: After a few moment the next screen appear allows you to setup your language time and currency format. Change your required settings and click next. Step 4: The next screen allows you to install or repair Windows 7. Click on the “Install Now ” button.

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Step 5: Next the license agreement will display tick ” I Accept the license terms “and click on next. Step 6: Now the two options presented: Upgrade and Custom. Unless you are upgrading Windows installation. Then you have to select a Custom option as it is a fresh installation. Step 7: The next step to pick the hard drive and partitions. A hard drive is a part of your computer that stores data and partitions divide hard drives into separate parts.  If the hard drive has data then format it.  If your computer doesn ’t have any partitions then create a single partition and click next.  If your computer has a large hard drive and wants to divide into two or more partitions. a. Click “Drive optionsadvanced ” b. Then click New set the size for new partition and Apply. After creating the drives. Select the drive in which you want to install the windows. click on “Next ” button to install Windows 7. Step 8: Now Windows 7 will begin the installations process which may take few minutes. Do not shut down your device during the process as it might cause an interruption. If it may occur you have to start the process from the beginning. Step 9: When the installation process completed and the system will reboot. Step 10: Now ‘ User Setting ’ screen will display. In this screen you need to choose a username and computer name. The computer name is which our PC will show on our local network. Step 11: Type a password on password field for account safety and click on next button. Step 12: Now to activate the window you need the Product Key. The Product Key will be mentioned with Windows 7 DVD. Enter the Product key in the setup windows and

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click next. If you don ’t enter the product key then you can proceed to next step and your windows will activate but it will be in a trial mode for 30 days. After 30 days your windows cannot access your computer. Step 13: The Windows 7 successfully installed. Step 14: Now choose to use the recommended setting for windows update. Step 15: Select your time zone and correct the date and time. Click next. Step 16: Choose your current location. There are three types of locations: Work Home and Public. For example. If you are a home user then select the Home network. Step 17: Click Next button. Step 18: Now Windows 7 installation is finished and restart your computer. Step 19: After restarting the computer the login screen will display. Step 20: Type the password and hit enter. Now the desktop screen is ready to use. Hope the above steps can help you how to install Windows 7 operating system on your PC. In case if you have a problem to follow these installation steps. Feel free to contact our Microsoft Windows 7 Support contact number 1-8448914883. Article source: 208270fea4ss532ses4sh2sds5

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