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Luck Dress Code : 

Luck Dress Code Do’s and Don’t for the 2010-2011 school year and beyond!

Student Dress Code : 

Student Dress Code Student appearance has an important effect on attitudes toward themselves, towards other students and the school. While it is recognized that choice of attire/grooming are matters of expression and subject to fashion or current trends; any form of dress that is determined to interfere with the educational process or could cause injury to one’s self or others is prohibited.

Females : 

Females Tops must NOT be lower than the tops of your armpits. (Wear a tank underneath if needed) Shorts must reach your thumb while arm is at your side. Skirts must reach your middle finger while arm is at your side.

Females : 

Females Bare midriffs or backs are NOT to be exposed No low cut tops (unless a tank top is underneath) Even with low rise jeans, tops must cover their skin. Tunic tops, long shirts, wearing a tube top around the waist, or button up shirts with the bottom buttoned are some ways to fix this

Females : 

Females Undergarments should not be visible at any time Leggings may be worn with shorts, skirts, or tops that are the length of the thumb when extended down your side

Males & Females : 

Males & Females Apparel with alcohol, tobacco, ethnic or racial slurs, or reference to sex are NOT appropriate. Other examples: obscenities, questionable language, double meaning statements, disparaging or demeaning comments, ethnic statements or statements advocating pain, death or suicide.

Males & Females : 

Males & Females Intentionally altering clothing, ripped, unbuttoned, or unzipped and ill fitting garments too tight or too loose that they are falling off are NOT accepted.

Males & Females : 

Males & Females All pants must be appropriately worn with no skin or undergarments showing and fastened at the waist.

Males & Females : 

Males & Females NO SLEEPWARE INCLUDING SLIPPERS!! Enough said…

Others… : 

Others… Bare feet and stockings are not allowed. For safety, shoes or appropriate foot apparel are required. Sunglasses, hats, hoods, excessively ripped, punctured or torn clothes may NOT be worn during the school day. Transparent, mesh and/or see through material shall not be worn without proper undergarments No visible chains or spike collars are allowed.

Student Dress Code : 

A coach or advisor of an extra-curricular activity may regulate the dress and grooming of students who participate in the activity. The school administration shall have the right to appraise any current fashion or fad and determine whether it is appropriate for school wear. Temporary clothing may be available and continued violations will be treated as an offense subject to detention or suspension. Student Dress Code

Luck Dress Code : 

Luck Dress Code Offenses And Consequences

First Offense : 

First Offense If a student attends school wearing clothing that does not follow the school dress code, that student will be asked to change. If the student chooses not to comply, this action will result in a parent phone call, sent home to change and a 30 minute detention.

Second Offense : 

Second Offense Staff member/student conference Parent phone call 60 minutes detention

Third Offense : 

Third Offense Staff member/student conference Parent phone call In-school suspension

Additional Offenses : 

Additional Offenses Staff member/student conference Parent phone call 1 day out of school suspension.

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