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“ We, the people, in order to form a more perfect union . . . ”

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This angered her. It made her feel less than a citizen. Susan B. Anthony lived in the United States during a time when all women were never allowed to vote. NEVER!!

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Many, many women felt as Susan felt. They worked together for years to help ALL women get the right to VOTE.

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Many women felt cheated and put down because they were not allowed to vote for their beliefs. They were NOT happy. Do we look happy?

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Susan never quit working to help all women get the right to vote. She led the “WOMEN’S SUFFRAGE” movement. Lots of people made fun of her and teased her when she worked.

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Some people drew nasty pictures of her. Some people who did not want women to vote tried to make her look foolish and silly. She was brave and did not quit.

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Susan did not let people scare her or make her lose her temper. She was too smart for that.

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She just traveled and talked to more and more people about womens’ rights and freedoms.

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She was arrested and put on trial for ILLEGAL VOTING.

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Many people were shocked!! Many people were scared!! Susan stayed strong and kept talking about the rights of women, THEIR CIVIL RIGHTS.

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She loved her country and she did not want any woman to be a second class citizen. Some big bullies did call her names, but she ignored them. It was very hard to do, but she found the courage.

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Susan B. Anthony’s determination changed our country.

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Women were granted the right to vote!

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Now our country honors and celebrates the hard work of Susan B. Anthony. This is a statue of her and others who worked for womens’ suffrage.

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Our country thanks Susan for making it a better place for all people. She brought civil rights to women!

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