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In this world of ever developing Technology an IT Based Certification is a basic demand of the organizations and you’ll need a certification such as Vulnerability Response Implementation to land your dream job with a promising future. Apply for ServiceNow Exam and leave the preparation for Certified Implementation Specialist - Vulnerability Response to Dumpspedia. We have the best CIS-VR Test Questions to draw satisfactory grades in just one attempt. Our CIS-VR Practice Questions leave no room for the failure. Even the Professionals claimed that after testing Practice Exam Questions themselves. Get your set of PDF Questions from our website now!


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ServiceNow CIS-VR Certified Implementation Specialist - Vulnerability Response

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Vulnerability Response Implementation Certification is highly demanded these days. Plus it’ll be a good impression on your resume to have one of such certifications. Worried about the preparation of ServiceNow You don’t have to anymore because Dumpspedia is offering a full-proof method to nail the test just follow our simple instructions and train yourself through our fabulous CIS-VR Practice Tests. You can pass Certified Implementation Specialist - Vulnerability Response Exam with the help of CIS-VR Practice Test Questions Answers especially when that’ s been acknowledged by even the specialists. Dumpspedia CIS-VR Questions and Answers

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Dumpspedia CIS-VR Questions and Answers

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CIS-VR Questions and Answers

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Dumpspedia CIS-VR Questions and Answers

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Dumpspedia CIS-VR Questions and Answers

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Question NO 1 What role Is required to view the Vulnerability Overview Dashboard A. B. sn_vuI.manager C. sn_vul.ciso D. sn_vul.vulnerability.wnte Answer: A

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Question NO 2 What is the purpose of Scoped Applications A. Suppliers can only charge for applications when they are scoped B. Scoped applications are scalable. Global applications are not C. Scoping encapsulates and protects data and functionality D. An application needs to be scoped in order to be deployed as a plugin Answer: D

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Question NO 3 Some customers may have a clearly-defined well-documented vulnerability exception process and some may even provide a diagram illustrating that process What is the main advantage of having this documentation when translating it into a Flow or Workflow A. Perfect opportunity for process improvement B. Understand their internal process C. Build the Flow/WorKflow directly into the platform D. No advantage Answer: B

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Question NO 4 A list of software weaknesses is known as: A. National Vulnerability Database NVD B. Common Vulnerability and Exposure CVE C. National Institute of Science and Technology NIST D. Common Weaknesses Enumeration CWE Answer: D

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Question NO 5 Which module within the Vulnerability Response application could be used to get information from the National Vulnerability Database NVD at any moment A. On-Demand Update B. NVD Auto-Update C. Vulnerable Software D. NVD Patch Answer: A

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Question NO 6 Where can you find Information related to the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures CVE A. Tenable B. MITRE C. NIST D. Qualys Answer: B

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Question NO 7 Filter Groups provide a way to: A. Decouple the use of the grouping from the definition of the grouping B. Build criteria once C. Reuse criteria in a variety of places D. All of the above Answer: D

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Question NO 8 The components Installed with Vulnerability Response Include: A. Tables Scheduled Jobs Security Operations Common B. Business Rules Roles Workflows C. Properties Client Scripts Wizards D. Ul Pages. Business Rules Vulnerability Scanners Answer: B

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Question NO 9 The Vulnerability Admin role sn_vul.admin can modify Vulnerability Application Properties and can be delegated to the following roles: A. ServiceNow Security Operations Admin sn_sec.admin B. Security Admin security.admin C. Vulnerability Response Admin sn_vul_resp.admin D. All of the above E. None of the above Answer: A

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Question NO 10 sn_vul.itsm_popup is the properly that is set to True or False based on the customer desire for a popup when creating a Problem or Change record from a Vulnerability or VI record. A. True B. False Answer: A

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Dumpspedia CIS-VR Questions and Answers

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Dumpspedia CIS-VR Questions and Answers

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Dumpspedia CIS-VR Questions and Answers

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Dumpspedia CIS-VR Questions and Answers

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