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Are you wondering if there is an easier way to pass Cisco Specialist certification exam? Then you have found what you’ve been looking for Dumpspedia offers wide-ranged Cisco Practice Questions to pass Cisco Security Architecture for System Engineers with ease. Our 700-765 Practice Exam Questions are specially prepare with extra care and easy wordings so you can understand each concept better and once you accomplish that success will be right at your door. Get your set of 700-765 PDF Questions from our official website. https://www.dumpspedia.info/700-765-questions-dumps.html


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700-765 Cisco Security Architecture for System Engineers

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One of the best way to nail a certification like Cisco Specialist is from preparing yourself through Cisco Test Questions. The best Practice Questions can be availed from Dumpspedia we have made many of you students successful throughout years of our service. With the most accurate and valid all around the world 700-765 Practice Exam Questions anybody can make it in Cisco Security Architecture for System Engineers Exam. Joined by Professional Experts we have made sure our 700-765 PDF Questions are flawless in every aspect. Dumpspedia 700-765 Questions and Answers

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Dumpspedia 700-765 Questions and Answers

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700-765 Questions and Answers

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Dumpspedia 700-765 Questions and Answers

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Dumpspedia 700-765 Questions and Answers

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Question NO 1 Which two products empower customers to create secure next-gen networks Choose two. A. ISE B. AMP C. MFA D. ACI E. SD-Access Answer: A E www.dumpspedia.info/700-765-questions-dumps.html

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Question NO 2 Which two security areas are part of Ciscos campus branch solutions Choose two. A. Network Analytics B. Mobile Access C. Behavioral Indication of Compromise D. Remote Access VPN E. File Retrospection and Trajectory Answer: C D www.dumpspedia.info/700-765-questions-dumps.html

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Question NO 3 Which three customer business objectives does Ciscos Advanced Threat solutions address Choose three. A. Accelerated firewall implementation B. Lower TCO through intelligent API management C. Complete protection with holistic defense D. Visibility and control with a managed environment E. Comprehensive support with flexible solutions F. Secure communications with advanced access Answer: D E www.dumpspedia.info/700-765-questions-dumps.html

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Question NO 4 What are two key Cisco loT use cases Choose two. A. Financial Institutions B. Mobile Utilities C. Industrial Security D. Parks and Recreation E. Connected Health Answer: C E www.dumpspedia.info/700-765-questions-dumps.html

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Question NO 5 What does ThreatGrid integrate A. File trajectory and time signatures B. Threat intelligence and access control C. File reputation and behavioral indications of compromise D. Malware analysis and threat intelligence Answer: D www.dumpspedia.info/700-765-questions-dumps.html

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Question NO 6 What are two key capabilities of Meraki Choose two. A. application visibility and control B. security automation C. contextual awareness D. device profiling E. identity-based and device-aware security Answer: A D www.dumpspedia.info/700-765-questions-dumps.html

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Question NO 7 What are two key advantages of Ciscos Security Solutions Portfolio Choose two. A. Cisco Security provides flexible simple and integrated advanced threat detection through a multilayered approach. B. The Cisco Security Portfolio offers realtime access control and event monitoring to drive business outcomes. C. The Cisco Security Portfolio provides security across the entire business environment. D. Cisco Security provides direct simple and balanced detection by driving customer outcomes. E. An effective security solution portfolio can help customers overcome ever-growing security challenges. Answer: A B www.dumpspedia.info/700-765-questions-dumps.html

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Question NO 8 What does TrustSec assign to the user or device traffic at ingress that enforces the access policy based on the tag in the infrastructure A. Ingress VLAN B. Security Group Tag C. VXLAN D. Access Control List Answer: B www.dumpspedia.info/700-765-questions-dumps.html

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Question NO 9 Which feature of StealthWatch aggregates and normalizes NetFlow data A. Netflow analytics B. Advanced malware protection C. Forensic investigation D. FlowCollector Answer: A www.dumpspedia.info/700-765-questions-dumps.html

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Question NO 10 What are two steps organizations must take to secure loT Choose two A. prevent blackouts B. update equipment C. acquire subscription solutions D. block contractors E. remediate malfunctions Answer: C E www.dumpspedia.info/700-765-questions-dumps.html

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Dumpspedia 700-765 Questions and Answers

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Dumpspedia 700-765 Questions and Answers

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Dumpspedia 700-765 Questions and Answers

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Dumpspedia 700-765 Questions and Answers

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