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HPE0-S57 Designing HPE Hybrid IT Solutions

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You want to train yourself to do better in exam or you want to test your preparation in either situation Dumpspedia’ s Designing HPE Hybrid IT Solutions PDF Questions are the best choice. We have made student’ s dreams come true for years and can do the same for you. With the help of HP HPE0-S57 Practice Exam Dumps you can also become one of the specialist and earn a HPE ASE certification. Get easy and affordable HPE0-S57 Practice Test Questions now and make your success guaranteed. Dumpspedia HPE0-S57 Braindumps

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Dumpspedia HPE0-S57 Braindumps

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HPE0-S57 Braindumps

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Dumpspedia HPE0-S57 Braindumps

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Dumpspedia HPE0-S57 Braindumps

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Question NO 1 A customer contacts you for assistance to expand an HPE Synergy environment. The existing environment contains: •one Synergy 12000 frame •two Composers •eight SY480 Compute Modules -1 CPU - 384GB RAM - 3820C 10/20GbE CNA • one D3940 Storage Module The new requirement Is 16 Gb FC connectivity to a newly-deployed 3PAR storage array Which components should you include Select two. A. HPE Synergy FC License Upgrade per Composer pair B. an additional Virtual Connect SE 40 Gb F8 C. two QSFP+ AOC/DAC cables for ICM clustering D. a second CPU per Compute Module E. Synergy 3830C Host Bus Adapter Answer: C D www.dumpspedia.info/HPE0-S57-questions-dumps.html

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Question NO 2 A customer wants to implement a Microsoft Exchange 2016 solution. Why should the customer choose HPE A. HPE employs Microsoft MVPs B. HPE Is a Microsoft Silver partner In messaging and collaboration C. HPE has more than five years of joint development with Microsoft D. HPE has a proven reference architecture Answer: C www.dumpspedia.info/HPE0-S57-questions-dumps.html

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Question NO 3 You are designing a network topology for a customer The customer is looking tor a large-scale Layer 2 fabric with redundant links and load balancing while avoiding traditional STP RSTP and MSTP protocols Which switch will support these features with industry standard technology A. Aruba 8325 B. HPEFIexFabnc5710 C. HPE FlexFabfic 5980 D. HPEFIexFabnc12902E Answer: A www.dumpspedia.info/HPE0-S57-questions-dumps.html

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Question NO 4 The CFO at a customer site asked you to demonstrate overall value of the IT solution you are proposing What should you use to perform calculations and determine the benefits of a migration to an HPE solution A. HPE One Configuration Advanced B. HPE Allnean tool C. HPE Converged Infrastructure Solution Slzer Suite D. HPE Proposal Web Answer: A www.dumpspedia.info/HPE0-S57-questions-dumps.html

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Question NO 5 HPE OneView can be used to provision volumes on which HPE solutions Select two A. HPE 3PAR StoreServ B. HPE MSA C. HPEXP D. HPE SlmpliVrty E. HPE Nimble Answer: C E www.dumpspedia.info/HPE0-S57-questions-dumps.html

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Question NO 6 A customer is planning a data center expansion consisting of 2000 physical servers supporting up to 70 VMs per server. They require a modular networking solution that provides: • high bandwidth • high availability •high performance •the ability to scale beyond 2000 servers Which HPE solution should you recommend A. HPE FlexFabric 12904E B. HPE Aruba 5400 C. HPE OfffceConnect 1950 D. HPE FlexFabric 5940 Answer: C www.dumpspedia.info/HPE0-S57-questions-dumps.html

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Question NO 7 A customer needs a VMware Horizon VDI solution with accelerated GPU support and the highest density GPU solution available Which solution should you recommend A. HPE Apollo r2600 with RCM Module B. HPE DL360 Gen10 with primary GPU riser C. HPE Synergy SY 480 with multi-MXM expansion module D. HPE WS460c Gen9 Graphics Server Blade with graphics expansion Answer: D www.dumpspedia.info/HPE0-S57-questions-dumps.html

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Question NO 8 A customer has Just completed implementing a new hyperconverged solution based on SimpliVity 380 Medium Nodes The customers IT staff has been Informed that due to an acquisition they need to expand Analyses shows they are undersized by 12 cores of CPU and 3 TB of storage What is the lowest cost recommendation that satisfies the customers requirements A. Purchase and add two SimpliVity 380 Medium Nodes B. Purchase and add one SimpliVity 380 Small Node C. Purchase and add one SimpliVity 380 Medium Node D. Purchase and add one SimpliVity 380 Extra Small Node Answer: B www.dumpspedia.info/HPE0-S57-questions-dumps.html

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Question NO 9 During an HPE SimpliVity solution presentation a potential customer asks about the HPE SimpliVity RapidDR option in the Bill of Material. How should you respond A. it allows configuring a high-availability solution between two sites for automatic failover and fallback in disaster recovery situations. B. It is a requirement to guarantee the l -minute restore of a 1TB virtual machine C. It is required for a multi-site HPE SimpliVity configuration to send VM backups to remote clusters. D. It enables orchestration for site-to-site recovery to improve application availability during planned or unplanned events Answer: B www.dumpspedia.info/HPE0-S57-questions-dumps.html

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Dumpspedia HPE0-S57 Braindumps

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Dumpspedia HPE0-S57 Braindumps

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Dumpspedia HPE0-S57 Braindumps

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Dumpspedia HPE0-S57 Braindumps

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