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H19-369 HCS-Pre-Sale-IT (Huawei Certified Pre-sales Specialist IT)


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Question NO 1 VMS is a high-performance cluster file system. When used, the data storage is formatted into VMS format and then mounted on the CNA. Solve complex pain points in storage management. A. True B. False Answer: A www.dumpspedia.info/H19-369-questions-dumps.html


Question NO 2 Which products does Huawei not sell in the AzureStack solution? A. 4-12 business servers B. 1 management server C. 2 TOR switches D. 1 BMC switch E. Storage devices and Microsoft software Answer: E www.dumpspedia.info/H19-369-questions-dumps.html


Question NO 3 The description of the Dorado V3 series is incorrect: A. Dorado V3 series products can support NAS through gateway B. Dorado V3 series is mainly sold in SAN scene C. The SAS disk enclosure and the NVMe disk enclosure can be mixed behind the S. D. Dorado V3 series NVMe controller enclosures can be mixed with SAS disk enclosures and NVMe disk enclosures. Answer: D www.dumpspedia.info/H19-369-questions-dumps.html


Question NO 4 In the high-performance computing solution, most of the scenarios need to use the InfiniBand network. What is the characteristics of the network? A. High latency, low bandwidth B. High latency, high bandwidth C. Delay, low bandwidth D. Low latency, high bandwidth Answer: D www.dumpspedia.info/H19-369-questions-dumps.html


Question NO 5 What interface is the OBS object storage service implemented? A. S3 B. Nova C. Cinder D. Neutron Answer: A www.dumpspedia.info/H19-369-questions-dumps.html


Question NO 6 Can VAPP graphical orchestration arrange physical machines together? A. True B. False Answer: A www.dumpspedia.info/H19-369-questions-dumps.html


Question NO 7 The vAPP application deployment service is a graphical resource layer orchestration interface based on C language scripting. A. True B. False Answer: B www.dumpspedia.info/H19-369-questions-dumps.html


Question NO 8 Which is not the core technology that DoradoV3 uses for end-to-end data acceleration. A. BMC intelligent management chip B. Intelligent multi-protocol interface chip C. SSD controller chip D. SSD cache acceleration E. SSD wear leveling F. Intelligent algorithm FlashLink Answer: A B C D F www.dumpspedia.info/H19-369-questions-dumps.html


Question NO 9 What is the correct description about the NVIDIA CPU? A. Geforce GTX/Titan series is NVIDIA consumer products, mainly used for games and other tickets, does not support data center deployment B. Quadro /NVS is mainly used in 2D/3D graphics, video editing, etc. In VDI, Quadro is used for straight-through graphical processing. C. Data center products mainly include Tesla and Grid series: Tesla for HPC, Al, Grid for data center graphics virtualization D. The Tesla series is mainly used in mobile phones, tablets, industrial computers and automotive embedded systems. It will also be used for video surveillance of security manufacturers such as Hikvision . High-density integration of servers Answer: A B C D www.dumpspedia.info/H19-369-questions-dumps.html


Question NO 10 The main features of OperationCenter include: A. Support users to change virtual machine specifications B. Support alarm, performance monitoring C. Support resource capacity monitoring and display D. Support topology display Answer: B C D www.dumpspedia.info/H19-369-questions-dumps.html


Dumpspedia H19-369 Exam Questions Dumps


Dumpspedia H19-369 Exam Questions Dumps


Dumpspedia H19-369 Exam Questions Dumps


Dumpspedia H19-369 Exam Questions Dumps



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