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Are you wondering if there is an easier way to pass IT4IT Certification exam? Then you have found what you’ve been looking for Dumpspedia offers wide-ranged The Open Group Practice Questions to pass IT4IT Part 1 Exam with ease. Our OG0-061 Practice Exam Questions are specially prepare with extra care and easy wordings so you can understand each concept better and once you accomplish that success will be right at your door. Get your set of OG0-061 PDF Questions from our official website. https://www.dumpspedia.info/OG0-061-questions-dumps.html


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OG0-061 IT4IT Part 1 Exam

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In this world of ever developing Technology an IT Based Certification is a basic demand of the organizations and you’ll need a certification such as IT4IT Certification to land your dream job with a promising future. Apply for The Open Group Exam and leave the preparation for IT4IT Part 1 Exam to Dumpspedia. We have the best OG0-061 Test Questions to draw satisfactory grades in just one attempt. Our OG0-061 Practice Questions leave no room for the failure. Even the Professionals claimed that after testing Practice Exam Questions themselves. OG0-061 Exam Questions Dumps

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OG0-061 Exam Questions Dumps

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OG0-061 Exam Questions Dumps

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OG0-061 Exam Questions Dumps

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OG0-061 Exam Questions Dumps

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Question NO 1 What value stream has the value proposition of ensuring that the Service Release meets business expectations A. Request to Fulfill B. Strategy to Portfolio C. Requirement to Deploy D. Detect to Correct Answer: C www.dumpspedia.info/OG0-061-questions-dumps.html

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Question NO 2 What does the system of record fabric for IT management include A. Service models flowing across the service backbone B. Functional components and their interactions C. Data objects their relationships and inter-dependencies D. Value streams and their typical activities Answer: C www.dumpspedia.info/OG0-061-questions-dumps.html

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Question NO 3 Which value stream connects consumers with IT goods and services A. Detect to Correct B. Strategy to Portfolio C. Request to Fulfill D. Requirement to Deploy Answer: C www.dumpspedia.info/OG0-061-questions-dumps.html

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Question NO 4 What concept does the Reference Architecture Level 2 introduce that is not included in Level 1 A. Data flow between functional components B. The concept of Essential Attributes of data objects C. The concept of an event bus for the IT service backbone D. A formal notation Answer: A www.dumpspedia.info/OG0-061-questions-dumps.html

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Question NO 5 Complete the sentence. The IT4IT Reference Architecture is intended to help organizations . A. adapt to change without having to re-factor the IT management architecture B. define implement and govern an innovative microservice-based architecture C. implement web-scale and distributed computing D. assess the maturity of their IT processes Answer: A www.dumpspedia.info/OG0-061-questions-dumps.html

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Question NO 6 What is a purpose of the Test functional component A. To create Defect data objects that are consumed by the Defect functional component B. To maintain traceability of each Requirement to the original source C. To monitor and report on the results of each integration build D. To keep track of all Defects by registering Defects of all types including security- related Defects Answer: A www.dumpspedia.info/OG0-061-questions-dumps.html

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Question NO 7 What is a benefit of implementing the Requirement to Deploy value stream for the business A. Improving the speed at which issues with a business service are identified including proactive identification before impact is severe B. Accelerate sourcing and delivery of applications through best practices such as re-use automation and collaboration C. Accurate visibility of business and IT demand re-balance IT investments between strategic and operational demand D. Increased fulfillment efficiency and consistency through standard change deployment and automation Answer: B www.dumpspedia.info/OG0-061-questions-dumps.html

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Question NO 8 What is the purpose of the Enterprise Architecture functional component A. To log maintain and evaluate all demands coming into IT through a single funnel B. To manage creation review approval and audit of all IT policies C. To create and manage long-term IT investment and the execution plan-of-action D. To manage the authoritative list of all IT investments Answer: B www.dumpspedia.info/OG0-061-questions-dumps.html

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Question NO 9 Which model consists of the set of essential building blocks that create or consume data objects together with their relationships A. The Information Model B. The Functional Model C. The Service Model D. The Integration Model Answer: B www.dumpspedia.info/OG0-061-questions-dumps.html

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Question NO 10 What is a benefit of implementing the Request to Fulfill value stream A. Ensuring that the service delivered actually performs as requested B. Improved communication with business stakeholders through roadmaps C. Improving the speed at which issues with a business service are identified D. Increased cost optimization by cancelling subscriptions that are no longer used Answer: A www.dumpspedia.info/OG0-061-questions-dumps.html

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OG0-061 Exam Questions Dumps

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OG0-061 Exam Questions Dumps

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OG0-061 Exam Questions Dumps

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OG0-061 Exam Questions Dumps

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