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Tantrabravo provide reliable and Professional tantric massage Services which Will Meets Your expectations in every way and your satisfaction and discretion is guaranteed.This is the hottest place for tantric massage in Dubai.


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Erotic Massage in UAE : 

Erotic Massage in UAE Tantric & Holistic Treatment By a European lady (Lola Bravo)

Lola Bravo: 

Lola Bravo She is a European lady and Master in different kinds of Erotic Massage . She travel all world for bring to her clients all level of technique of erotic massage in professional way. She has  an amazing natural body and energy too, where she can to be the perfect  gift for your day.  Lola Bravo Master in Tantric massage, Tantric with Kama Sutra, Therapeutic Touch massage , erotic foot massage, massotherapy erotic massage and Reiki.


Services Tantric Massage: Holistic treatment ,where focuses the massage on energy points called chakras. It is very effective therapy where can to help you sex-related problems such as : impotence,premature ejaculation,low quality of orgasm. Using technology developed by physiotherapist you go to get a beutiful pleasure in balance with your body,mind and spirit. Tantric Massage with Kama Sutra : After your body be relax and balance with the real Tantric M assage , your body is ready for a sexual experience with your partner

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Therapeutic Touch Massage: It is laying- on-of-hands that doesn't actually touch the body but touches the energy field around it. It is based on the theory that the human energy field extends beyond the skin and is abundant and flows in balanced patterns in health and promote well-being. Massotherapy Erotic Massage: Techiniques from China where release stress and tension and give pleasure in the same time for the body without oils, only hands techiniques with a special fabric .

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Erotic Foot Massage: Footfetish techniques in your foot where helps to release stress and tension, the masseur bring the successes elicit reaction in the private areas of your body ,giving to you a sexual sensation effect where help a lot for treatment of impotence.

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