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HP HPE2-W02 Selling Aruba Products and Solutions

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HPE2-W02 Examcollection VCE

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You want to train yourself to do better in exam or you want to test your preparation in either situation Examcollection’s Selling Aruba Products and Solutions PDF Questions are the best choice. We have made student’s dreams come true for years and can do the same for you. With the help of HP HPE2-W02 Practice Exam Dumps you can also become one of the specialist and earn a HPE Sales Certified certification. Get easy and affordable HPE2-W02 Practice Test Questions now and make your success guaranteed. HPE2-W02 Examcollection VCE

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You dont have to take any worry about your HPE2-W02 Exam VCE. Examcollection give you some demo question and answer of HPE2-W02 Examcollection. HPE2-W02 Examcollection VCE

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What is one advantage of the experience-driven approach to management A. It focuses on meeting business initiatives by improving performance reliability and secure network access. B. It relies on on-prem management exclusively so customers can avoid the security vulnerabilities of cloud. C. It relies on traditional tools that most IT admins are familiar with such as the CLI SNMP and logs. D. It focuses on break-fix tools so that IT spends its time keeping the lights on. Answer: A www.examcollection.us/HPE2-W02-vce.html

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Which statement indicates that a customer could be a good fit for an Aruba location-based solution A. “Our apps are a big part of our businesses but our production rate is starting to slow down as we hire new developers that just are not familiar with our development tools.” B. “We are a large business with lots of remote offices. We need to ensure all the network services that we provide in our main campus are available in these other locations as well.” C. “We have many different branch sites and we need an easier way to apply consistent and appropriate security policies to employees and users at every location across our network.” D. “We often launch marketing campaigns in different areas of our stores but we don’t have a way to determine how successful these promotions are and if they draw in customers.” Answer: D www.examcollection.us/HPE2-W02-vce.html

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What is one indication that a customer could be a good candidate for an Aruba wireless solution A. The customer is a company of about 60 employees and wants a simple plug-and-play solution. B. The customer recently upgrade their wired network to a third-party vendor’s equipment. C. The customer wants to ensure better segmentation of the wired network from the wireless one. D. The customer has another vendor’s wireless solution and experiences dropped calls in their UCC solution that negatively affects productivity. Answer: A www.examcollection.us/HPE2-W02-vce.html

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You have proposed an Aruba wireless solution to a hospital with very high availability requirements for the wireless network. Which feature of Aruba solutions should you explain provides seamless failover and live upgrades for mobility controllers A. live mobility tracking with Aruba Meridian B. connectivity Health in AirWave or Central C. clustering with ArubaOS 8.x and above D. AirMatch and ClientMatch with Mobility Master MM Answer: C www.examcollection.us/HPE2-W02-vce.html

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Which challenge does the increase of digital learning environments present to primary schools A. Schools are not deploying enough wired and wireless IoT devices for the digital learning environments to succeed. B. Schools often have too large of an IT department which can result in a network that is too mismanaged and siloed to meet performance requirements. C. Schools lack the budget to obtain a reliable wired and wireless network that can handle the increase in devices and connectivity needs. D. Schools have focused primarily on cloud solutions for the past decade so switching back to an on- prem infrastructure seems daunting. Answer: C www.examcollection.us/HPE2-W02-vce.html

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A customer needs a network infrastructure upgrade. Which characteristic should you use as the primary deciding factor between proposing HPE OfficeConnect or Aruba solutions A. whether the customer requires 802.11ac B. the company vertical C. the company size and number of users D. whether the customer requires wired or wireless access Answer: C www.examcollection.us/HPE2-W02-vce.html

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A customer is concerned about the performance of the company’s wireless network. What two Aruba features would you emphasize in your discussions with this customer Select two. A. Web Content Classification B. AirMatch C. Deep packet inspection D. Dynamic segmentation E. RFProtect Answer: B D www.examcollection.us/HPE2-W02-vce.html

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What advantages do Aruba micropolicies provide your customers A. Apply user-aware and IoT-aware policies that adapt to changing conditions B. Enforce a secure VPN connection for remote users to protect the network from malicious attacks C. Detect malware and attacks with the latest signatures downloaded from Aruba D. Provide a backend database for enforcing security issues Answer: C www.examcollection.us/HPE2-W02-vce.html

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What is one feature that distinguishes the Aruba switching portfolio from top competitors A. Aruba switches have the largest market share of any wired network vendor. B. Aruba switches have the best warranty and no hidden costs for software licensing. C. Aruba switches support better segmentation between the wired and wireless network. D. Aruba switches support on-prem management rather than higher cost cloud-based management. Answer: C www.examcollection.us/HPE2-W02-vce.html

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What is one distinguishing feature of Aruba NetInsight and User-centric Service Assurance A. They help improve customer engagement by providing a customizable Wi-Fi portal. B. They help to analyze customer usage patterns over a certain period of time so that companies can improve marketing campaign success. C. They help IT to simplify policy enforcement by enhancing visibility authentication and authorization. D. They help deliver a better user experience with in-depth network analytics to assess user device and application connectivity. Answer: C www.examcollection.us/HPE2-W02-vce.html

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HPE2-W02 Examcollection VCE

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