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Salesforce CRT-261 Certification Preparation for Service Cloud Consultant

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CRT-261 Examcollection VCE

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Universal Containers is trying to reduce the amount of time support agents spend creating cases. The new method for case creation must allow for 4000-5000 new cases a day as well as the attachment of documents under 25 MB by the customer. Which method should the Consultant suggest A. Omni-Channel routing B. Standard Email-to-Case C. Web-to-Case forms D. On-Demand Email-to-Case Answer: B

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The Universal Containers customer support organization has implemented Knowledge Centered Support KCS in its call center. However the call center management thinks that agents are not contributing new knowledge articles as often as they should. Which two should the company do to address this situation Choose 2 answers A. Measure and reward agents based on the number of new articles submitted for approval. B. Measure and reward agents based on the number of new articles approved for publication. C. Create a dashboard that includes articles submitted by agents and approved for publication. D. Require agents to check a box on the case when submitting a new suggested article. Answer: A C

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What are two design considerations for a Live Agent implementation Choose 2 answers A. Chat Visitor Browser B. Chat Window Title C. Chat Character Limit D. Idle Connection Timeout Answer: A D

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Milestones can be added to which three Object types Choose 3 answers A. Entitlement B. Work Order C. Service D. Case E. Account Answer: A B D

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A company is planning for the migration of an existing knowledge base into Salesforce Knowledge. Which set of factors should be considered in selecting which articles to migrate A. Last modified date and frequent search terms B. Last modified date and number of recent article views C. Original creation date and average rating of articles D. Original creation date and total number of article views Answer: B

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Support agents need to verify that customers are eligible to receive customer support before they can update the Which two objects are used to verify that a customer is entitled to receive support Choose 2 answers A. Contacts B. Products C. Service contracts D. Case history Answer: A C

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The Contact Center at Universal Containers wants to increase its profit margins by promoting call deflection within Service Cloud. Which two solutions should a Consultant recommend Choose 2 answers A. Knowledge Base B. Customer Community C. Automatic Call Distribution D. Service Cloud Console Answer: A B

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Universal Containers has a single contact center that handles all service requests including chat Cases and web form submissions. It is important that Reps are assigned work evenly so that all requests are handled in the order they are received. How would a Consultant address this requirement A. Configure Case Assignment Rules B. Configure Omni-Channel with Most Available Routing C. Configure Live Agent Skills-based Routing D. Configure Omni-Channel with Least Active Routing Answer: B

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Universal Containers runs a support operation with multiple call centers. The Support Manager wants to measure first-call resolution by call center location agent and calendar month. Which reporting solution should the Consultant recommend A. Create a list view report that includes fields for call center location agent calendar month and first-call resolution. B. Create a reporting snapshot that includes fields for call center location agent calendar month and first-call resolution. C. Create a joined report that includes fields for call center location agent calendar month and first-call resolution. D. Create a matrix report that includes fields for call center location agent calendar month and first-call resolution. Answer: D

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Universal Containers UC created a new mobile app that enables customers to place orders and track fulfillment. UC wants to quickly embed customer service into the new mobile app. Which two features should be added to meet this requirement Choose 2 answers A. Salesforce Knowledgebase B. Chatter Groups C. Field Service Lightning D. Service Cloud SOS Answer: C D

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CRT-261 Examcollection VCE

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