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CWNP CWNA-107 Certified Wireless Network Administrator

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Question NO 1 When implementing PoE what role is played by a switch A. PD B. PSE C. Midspan injector D. Power splitter Correct Answer: D

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Question NO 2 A dual-band 802.11ac AP must be powered by PoE. As a class 4 device what power level should be received at the AP A. 30 W B. 25.5 W C. 15.4 W D. 12.95 W Correct Answer: C

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Question NO 3 A WLAN is implemented using wireless controllers. The APs must locate the controllers when powered on and connected to the network. Which one of the following methods is commonly used to locate the controllers by the APs A. DHCP B. GRE C. NTP D. SNMP Correct Answer: A

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Question NO 4 You are implementing a multi-AP WLAN and fast secure roaming is essential. Which one of the following methods is an IEEE 802.11 standard method for fast roaming A. Band steering B. FT C. OKC D. Load balancing Correct Answer: B

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Question NO 5 In an 802.11 2.4 GHz system what 22 MHz channels are considered non-overlapping A. 11 and 6 B. 7 and 11 C. 1 and 5 D. 2 and 8 Correct Answer: A

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Question NO 6 The center frequency of channel 1 in the 2.4 GHz band is 2.412 GHz 2412 MHz. What is the center frequency of channel 4 A. 2.413 B. 2.427 C. 2.422 D. 2.417 Correct Answer: B

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Question NO 7 The requirements for a WLAN you are installing state that it must support unidirectional delays of less than 150 ms and the signal strength at all receivers can be no lower than -67 dBm. What application is likely used that demands these requirements A. E-Mail B. RTLS C. V oIP D. FTP Correct Answer: B

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Question NO 8 You are deploying a WLAN with the access points configured for 10 mW of output power on the 2.4 GHz radios and 20mW of output power on the 5GHz radios. Some semi-directional antennas are also in use. What kind of deployment is described A. High density B. SOHO C. Standard office D. Residential Correct Answer: A

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Question NO 9 Option 43 must be configured to allow access points to locate controllers. In what network service should this option be configured A. DHCP B. LDAP C. DNS D. RADIUS Correct Answer: A

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Question NO 10 What statement about 802.3 Clause 33 Power over Ethernet is true A. Only midspan PSEs are supported. B. The lowest voltage drop is achieved when using CAT6 instead of Cat5 or CAT5e. C. Only endpoint PSEs are supported. D. When using CAT5 cabling you increase the maximum draw available to the PD over that available with CAT6. Correct Answer: D

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CWNA-107 VCE CWNA-107 Examcollection VCE

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CWNA-107 VCE CWNA-107 Examcollection VCE

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