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PeopleQlik's Hr software is designed to resolves many problems. It analysis employee trouble related to their training, learning and each and every thing. HR software provides the facility to workforce.


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HR Software:

HR Software

About Us:

About Us We are experts in delivering maximum business value out of your data. We combine and manage your data Discover insights Take Action

HR Software:

HR Software is used to combine a number of necessary HR functions like storing of employee data, management of  payrolls, recruitment processes for candidates, benefits administration and keeping track of attendance records. It ensures that Human Resources processes are manageable everyday and easy to access. HR Software

PeopleQlik’s HR Software Key Features::

PeopleQlik’s HR Software Key Features: Employees Electronic Record Management Employees Assessment Streamline Accurate Reporting Improved Employee Services Improved Quality Control Employee travel and expense handling

PeopleQlik’s HR Software Key Features::

PeopleQlik’s HR Software Key Features: Administrative Rights Management System  Performance evaluations and salary matrix maintenance  Calculate allowances and process the reimbursement of expenses Simplified administration of payroll by defining employees by post Comprehensive employee file maintenance  Improve Visibility & Transparency

Offer Centralized database for gaining information:

Offer Centralized database for gaining information PeopleQlik’s HR software offers human resource teams a centralized database through which employee data can be accessed and maintained. Each employee requires information management and ongoing updates as progression throughout the company. It offers many modules for each element of HR management like recruiting, training and core HR and these modules can work together to provide an inclusive HR solution.

Role Of HR Software:

Role Of HR Software PeopleQlik’s HR Software offers fully integrated HR functions which are used by HR and payroll departments to access, process and operate, it also manages all aspects of the organization’s hiring process and payroll functions.   Cloud HR Software  offers spontaneous, self-service skills to help you efficiently organize, staff, and pay your global workforce. Similarly, HRMS Software  is used to combines a number of systems and processes to ensure the easy management of a business’s employees and data. 


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