Automatic Doors - Guide to Buying Automatic Doors

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Like buying anything in life, there are 100's of choices of supplier and product. Just like buying a TV or washing machine, certain products have more features or are built for longer life.


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Automatic Doors - Guide to Buying Automatic Doors Like buying anything in life there are 100s of choices of supplier and product. Just like buying a TV or washing machine certain products have more features or are built for longer life. For more information visit: Now the phrase "You get what you pay for" is not always true but it should be a clear indicator if you have received two quotations which seem to be miles apart in price. The most common misconception is that a door is a door. Having worked in the automatic door Industry for over 10 years I can tell you this is not true. The most common cost cutting procedure I see from companies is not fitting certain items. For example the installer may not quote / fit Side screen safety sensors leave off signage or not fit an expensive barrier. Now this may seem good at first as the price can come down by £100s. The problem lies in that you may be left liable in the event of an accident. The Automatic door industry only really has one safety Indicator to measure the standard against. This is the British Standard 7036: 1996. This British standard sets out the correct equipment and setup that your door should be in order to comply. Now this standard is not Law but as per the Machinery directive it is the owners responsibility to make sure that it is of correct standard and kept fully maintained. Rest assured if there was an accident any judge in the county would use this standard as a base to assess if your door system makes the grade.

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The Automatic door association runs regular testing programs for automatic door engineers in the UK where they test the knowledge of the Engineer to confirm he understands the standard the door should be installed to. Each engineer that passes is supplied with a unique ADSA Number to confirm their competence. Please ask you Installation Company for their Engineers ADSA numbers to assure your door are being installed to the correct model and confirm them with the Association. The other thing to look out for is the Quality of the equipment being installed. Fitting a door should be a once in a lifetime job. Although all Companies should offer you a min 12 Month warranty the Major components in a door should have a life of 2-6 Years. This will depend greatly on the traffic flow / frequency of door use. Consumables need changing at various times dependant on the manufacturers specification. Please be aware fitting a cheaper system may seem appealing in the short term but £1000s of pounds worth of repair bills every year is not The other Key areas your door should be aligned with are the Disability discrimination act and Part M of the Building Regulations. To go through each standard in full here would take pages upon pages so please consult the relevant bodies for full details an experienced architect or ask your Installation Company for full details. Please see References at the bottom of this article for information.

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