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Follow the instruction of Patching Aluminum Boat. We can also repair engine blocks, radiators, fuel tanks, air conditioners, latches, brackets, rivets and many more aluminum surfaces and objects. Visit the website at-


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About Us : Our brazing rods are used to repair diesel engine, automotive, truck, tractor, aviation, motorcycle, aluminum boats, awnings, gutters, ladders, aluminum rivets, brackets or for complete fabrication. Our customers will tell you that our material is the strongest, fastest, and easiest repair for all metals available anywhere.

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HTS-2000 Second Generation Flux-less Brazing Rod More than 30,000 satisfied Dealers and Machine and Repair Shops will tell you that after trying all other products to repair Aluminum and Cast, ours are the only products they use and trust.

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Brazing Aluminium to Steel NTP has invented an innovative product that could strengthen the material by brazing aluminium to steel, HTS-528 brazing rods. All you need is a heat source and you can finish the work in minutes.

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Steel Brazing Steel brazing is as easy as pie. Innovative HTS-528 brazing rods by NTP not only repair the original material but also strengthen it.

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Aluminum Tig Rod Aluminum TIG rod is the old way to repair your aluminum spares, HTS-2000 is the advanced method. Braze the rods with a heat source and the parts are better than new.

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Filler Rod for Welding HTS-2000 and HTS-528 are an excellent alternative to filler rod for welding. Easy to use, affordable repairs, fast in working, and strengthening the metal after brazing, innovative NTP aluminum repair kits are capable of all this.

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Wire Welding Aluminum Brazing HTS-2000 or HTS-528 is way better than repairing with wire welding aluminum. Repair the alloy or part without diminishing its durability, rather level it up with the aluminum repair kits by NTP.

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Does HTS-2000 work on pot metal, mag., zinc, copper or galvanized parts ? Yes HTS-2000 works on all non-ferrous alloys including “all” aluminum alloys (even the ones that cannot be welded), magnesium aluminum mixtures, zinc, die cast, pot metal, copper, bronze, Nickel, Titanium and galvanized parts.

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Will your Product Work on Aluminum that has been Anodized? Yes, remember anodized aluminum is just a coating of another metal over the aluminum that has pores, our material penetrates those pores and then penetrates the aluminum.

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How Long Are The Rods of HTS-2000 and HTS-528? With both materials the rods are 18 inches long and the HTS-2000 comes with 34 rods and the HTS-528 comes with 18 rods per pound.

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Can HTS-2000 be Used to Fabricate? Yes HTS-2000 could be used to fabricate – just follow the instructions – HTS-2000 is the strongest brazing rod made and in many applications stronger than tig – we do recommend a sleeve or bolt is used for extra safety precautions on joints that may have tremendous stress, and to call tech support for help on difficult brazing situations.

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Can I use Paypal or Amazon to Pay for HTS-2000? Yes we know except PayPal’s and we do accept Visa, MC and Discover debit and credit cards. Please remember we are the manufacturer and not only do we offer a 60 day money back guarantee we also offer lifetime tech support only if you purchase at

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CONTACT US 5090 Richmond Ave. Suite 747 Houston, Texas 77056 713-935-9292 Address : Phone : Email :

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