Two Types of Monitor Speakers with Two Different Purposes

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Presentation Description - Normally, computer studio monitors speakers are inbuilt into the monitor on the left and right hand side of the screen.


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Two Types of Monitor Speakers with Two Different Purposes Are you looking for information about monitor speakers and if so: Which type in particular Many people dont realize this but the same term can colloquially refer to two entirely different types of speakers that are built for completely different purposes. For more information visit: Understanding the differences between these speakers should help you to not only find out what you need to know about them but also appreciate how different they are from one another Computer Monitor Speakers If you happen to be referring to computer monitor loudspeakers that probably means that you intended to find out more about speakers that come attached to PC monitors. This is partially a space-saving effort that also allows people to forego having to buy a separate set of speakers just to be able to hear sound on their PC. Normally computer studio monitors speakers are inbuilt into the monitor on the left and right hand side of the screen. That being said some monitors have them below the screen but also in a left and right configuration. Most computer monitor loudspeakers arent exactly going to produce amazing levels of sound quality. The majority of these speakers tend to be stereo in nature and just offer an easy and convenient alternative to bulky and expensive speakers. So if youre a true audiophile these speakers arent going to cut it by any stretch of imagination but if youre more interested in functionality over finesse then theyre a great option Studio Monitor Speakers On the flipside studio monitor speakers are designed for recording and stage purposes where audio quality is a necessity rather than an option The reason why these speakers are called studio monitor speakers is because they are designed to monitor the audio that it produces and keep it as close to the source as possible. This is important when it comes to certain tasks such as audio mixing and mastering where the ability of the sound engineer to examine the audio source as closely as possible is crucial. These speakers come in different shapes and sizes but they are generally quite large - especially if youre comparing them to standard computer speakers. The idea behind the size of the speakers is that the listener i.e. audio engineer should be able to hear the sound coming directly from the speaker as opposed to the distorted version that is bouncing off walls and other surfaces. Now that you know the differences between the two types that are out there you should be starting to appreciate just how far apart they are from one another.

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While studio speakers are often used by professional sound engineers in areas involving audio recording film radio and even television and cinema - computer monitor loudspeakers are designed purely for the convenience of most users who happen to not be audiophiles. So which type of monitor speakers were you looking for Both have their specific uses and that should be what youre basing your decision upon

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