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Cisco 210-260 Implementing Cisco Network Security

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Validate your 210-260 Exam learning and preparation with our most updated 210-260 dumps. Dumpspdf has experienced IT experts who gather and approve a huge range of Cisco 210-260 Questions Answers for CCNA Security Certification seekers. Practicing our 100 updated 210-260 Practice Tests is a guaranteed way towards your success in Cisco 210-260 Exam. 210-260 Exam Dumps 210-260 Braindumps

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Question NO 1 Which type of attack is directed against the network directly: A. Denial of Service B. phishing C. trojan horse Answer: A https://www.dumpspdf.com/210-260.html

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Question NO 2 Which type of IPS can identify worms that are propagating in a network A. Policy-based IPS B. Anomaly-based IPS C. Reputation-based IPS D. Signature-based IPS Answer: B https://www.dumpspdf.com/210-260.html

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Question NO 3 Which two devices are components of the BYOD architectural framework A. Prime Infrastructure B. Nexus 7010 Switch C. Cisco 3945 Router D. Wireless Access Points E. Identity Services Engine Answer: AE https://www.dumpspdf.com/210-260.html

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Question NO 4 How can you proect CDP from reconnaissance attacks A. Enable dot1x on all ports that are connected to other switches. B. Disable CDP on ports connected to endpoints. C. Disbale CDP on trunk ports. D. Enable dynamic ARP inspection on all untrusted ports. Answer: B https://www.dumpspdf.com/210-260.html

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Question NO 5 SSL certificates are issued by Certificate AuthorityCA are A. Trusted root B. Not trusted Answer: A https://www.dumpspdf.com/210-260.html

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Question NO 6 For what reason would you configure multiple security contexts on the ASA firewall A. To separate different departments and business units. B. To enable the use of VRFs on routers that are adjacently connected. C. To provide redundancy and high availability within the organization. D. To enable the use of multicast routing and QoS through the firewall. Answer: A https://www.dumpspdf.com/210-260.html

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Question NO 7 What is one requirement for locking a wired or wireless device from ISE A. The ISE agent must be installed on the device. B. The device must be connected to the network when the lock command is executed. C. The user must approve the locking action. D. The organization must implement an acceptable use policy allowing device locking. Answer: A https://www.dumpspdf.com/210-260.html

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Question NO 8 What command could you implement in the firewall to conceal internal IP address A. no source-route B. no broadcast…. C. no proxy-arp Answer: C https://www.dumpspdf.com/210-260.html

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Question NO 9 Which feature allows a dynamic PAT pool to select the next address in the PAT pool instead of the next port of an existing address A. next IP B. round robin C. dynamic rotation D. NAT address rotation Answer: B https://www.dumpspdf.com/210-260.html

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Question NO 10 What security feature allows a private IP address to access the Internet by translating it to a public address A. NAT B. Hair pinning C. Trusted Network Detection D. Certification Authority Answer: A https://www.dumpspdf.com/210-260.html

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