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Introducing our new Podcast: The Visual Web — Building Brands on Instagram Tumblr Pinterest /2015/09/14/introducing-our-new-podcast-the-visual-web-building-brands-on- instagram-tumblr-pinterest/ Marketing Platform for Visual Content 10 Quick Easy Ways to Get More Repins Followers on Pinterest They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and its true however success on Pinterest or any... We have been building tools for brands on the visual web for two years now. We’ve learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t. The biggest lessons have come from the amazing entrepreneurs and social media managers leading the way. Those conversations sparked this podcast.

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In the coming months we’ll talk to people building powerful brands on Instagram Tumblr and Pinterest about how they found their voice their engagement strategy and how building a presence on the visual web changed their business. Listen for inspiration strategic advice and quick tips and hacks you can implement today to grow your business on the visual web. Episode 1 In our first episode we spoke to LaShawn Wiltz the woman behind the blog Everyday Eyecandy. She can be found on Instagram at Listen to the recording below. LaShawn shared with us how she got started on Instagram how she found her own voice and the community she has built around her brand Everyday Eyecandy. At first LaShawn followed the trends on Instagram she said. Then she got a wake up call in the form of question from a friend suggesting her photos weren’t representative of her authentic self. That’s when LaShawn started to find her own voice and subsequently when her success on Instagram really took off. “Just because my voice was different didn’t mean it was not right” she told us. She started to embrace her own style her love of shadows and colors. She’s been taking beautiful colorful and dramatic photos ever since.

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LaShawn walked us through her process for composing a single shot. Although she does capture moments of beauty in her real everyday life she does take a moment to prepare the best composition open a shade to get some light and make a few quick edits on her phone. We talked about her process for this photo in particular. Listen to the full interview to learn more about LaShawn and her Instagram strategy. Then make sure to follow her on Instagram. Her favorite part of Instagram she said is the community. Let us know what you think of the podcast we’re working on improving the audio. Written by Jilly Badanes Director of Marketing Viraltag Next post → ← Previous post You can drive more traffic to your website and save hours of time using Viraltag. We provide simple tools to schedule your posts to multiple social networks with one click.

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