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Alpha Rain metal roofing company offers a wide range of roof that is covered with warranty, having 40 years of paint warranty, a roof will not leak, and it will last 100 years or more. Learn more: https://bit.ly/3fiegjU


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Metal Roofs V/s Asphalt Shingle | Which Is Best in Warranty Asphalt Shingle Metal Shingles w w w . a l p h a r a i n . c o m

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Let’s look at the broad subject of Warranties extended warranties and their cost in today’s market place first. The average aftermarket warranty uses only 12 of the cost of the warranty to pay for any claims. You can see why these extended warranties are forcefully sold in dealerships. W i d e S u b j e c t o f W a r r a n t i e s

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Asphalt shingles have different confinements on that aspect of their warranties which likewise decreases the life of the shingles. We will explore these in the detail in the below slides. Aspahlt Shingles warranty

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Mold and mildew are functions of environmental conditions and are not manufacturing defects. As such mold and mildew are not covered by this Limited Warranty or any implied warranty. The problem is that the crushed limestone now used in asphalt shingles promotes the growth of fungus moss lichens or other vegetation and mold or mildew growth. Mold and Mildew Are Not Covered by an Implied Warranty

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Even though asphalt shingle manufacturers advertise their shingles have the highest impact rating Class 4 they offer no warranty for hail damage. “Damage caused by lightning hailstorm earthquake fire explosion flood or falling objects is not covered. No Warranty for Hail Damage

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Asphalt shingles that were too hot or cold when stored or installed can also have a voided warranty. “Misuse abuse neglect or improper transportation handling or storage of the shingles” may be cause for loss of warranty. It is very hard to make a successful claim on any asphalt shingle warranties due to all the limitations that are exclusively the manufacturer’s to interpret and apply. Walking on Asphalt Shingles Can Actually Void Your Warranty

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4Ever metal roof warranty coating or paint has a 40-year warranty this means the paint on the surface will last over 40 years. Unpainted the Galvalume will last an average of 130 years without rusting. The worst-case scenario with a failed warranty on a 4Ever metal shingle is cosmetic your roof will not leak and it will last 100 years or more. 4Ever Metal Shingle Valid Warranty

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