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Metal Shingles beats asphalt shingles with their longevity, cost, water, and wind durability. Alpha Rain provides a complete guide for your residential roofing system. Learn more:


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3 tab Premium Architectural Asphalt shingle does not last more than 15-20 years. There are more algae on roofs today because manufacturers use crushed limestone within the shingle as a filler so they don’t have to use as much asphalt. Asphalt shingle warranty overlaps in most cases that’s one of the big misconceptions in the roofing marketplace that asphalt lasts 30 years. In the same place 4Ever metal shingle lasts 100+ years having 40 years of paint warranty. 3 Types Of Asphalt Shingles

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+1 540-222-1642 15025 Jats Dr. Ste. 1 Brandy Station VA 22714 Not Prevent the Roof from Algae Prevent roof from algae Lasts 15 - 20 Years Lasts 100+ Years or More Warranty Overlaps 40 Years of Paint Warranty Asphalt Shingles 4Ever Metal Shingle

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