Galvalume Coated Metal Shingles Lasts 100+ Years

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Galvalume is made with zinc and aluminum, which is run through a process plating to prevents metal shingles from rusting and roof last for over 100 and more years. Learn more:


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4 E V E R M E T A L S H I N G L E At The Same Cost as Regular Asphalt

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Same Price as Asphalt Shingle Paint Warranty 40-Year Galvalume Metal Lasts 100+ Years Pre-Painted Roof with WIde Colors 28 Gauge Hardened Metal Energy Efficient System Financing Available H I G H L I G H T S

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The newly introduced 4Ever shingle is designed to beat regular asphalt shingles cost wise. Asphalt shingles range from 3 to 9 per sq. ft. last the longest for a temporary roof and our permanent metal shingles range between 5 to 6.5 per sq. ft. only. S A M E P R I C E A S A S P H A L T S H I N G L E

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P A I N T W A R R A N T Y 4 0 - Y E A R Old Tin Roofs would have to be painted as soon as the paint cracked or peeled off but we provide metal roof shingles with paint warranty of 40 years to prevent it from cracking or splitting. This stays longer due to metal is taken through a bath of primmer first and than baked than paint is done.

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G A L V A L U M E M E T A L L A S T S 1 0 0 + Y E A R S Galvalume is made with Zinc and Aluminum which is run through a process plating both sides of the metal. It prevent metal shingles from rusting and roof last for over 100 and more years It is tested on on more than 10 roofs that were near 50 years old .

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P R E - P A I N T E D R O O F W I T H W I D E C O L O R S 2 8 G A U G E H A R D E N E D M E T A L We have about 14 colors in Matte finishes for 4Ever shingle roofing. 28 Gauge grade 80 is twice as thick and as hard as the old tin roofs installed in the 1900s this makes it permanent roof.

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E N E R G Y E F F I C I E N T S Y S T E M F I N A N C I N G A V A I L A B L E The 4Ever shingle is installed with patented therma vent system to  reduce temperatures from over 160 to 103 degrees. Now you can get with easy financing also.

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