What Should Be Metal Shingles Cost When It Lasts So Long?

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Our metal shingles cost similar to asphalt as It does not require any further repairs or maintenance. Its galvalume substrate lifespan is 130 years which is much longer than asphalt. Read here: https://bit.ly/2YsjSSv


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Cost-Effective Metal Shingles For Residential Roofing www.alpharain.com

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All roofs in the permanent category are anywhere from 3 to 5 times more expensive than most asphalt shingles. But we offer for the first time our new 4Ever Metal Shingle at the same price as asphalt It can last for over 100+ years which is much more than asphalt whose average life is only 15 years. Permanent Metal Shingles Installing Metal Shingles which has no match with asphalt shingles It alone has 40 years of paint warranty can lasts over one generation or 100+ years.

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CONNECT WITH US Our 4Ever Metal roof shingles are made up of galvalume substrate which has average lifespan of 130 years. This cost effective roof does not requires any further repairs and maintenance like tin and asphalt roofs. The installation time too varies metal shingles can be installed in about a day and a half with a 4 man crew. It is cost efficient as they have lower labour cost a stylish look that adds a appeal to the residential homes. Galvalume Substrate Service www.alpharain.com 540-222-1642 brandyalpharain.com

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