Providing Metal Shingles at the Same Price as Asphalt

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4Ever metal shingles are locked into the eave drip edge and slid into an interlocking fold which protects from wind and water tension and available at the same price as asphalt. Visit:


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The metal shingles roofs provide the best protection durability longevity and will often cost less as compared to quality standing seam roof you want to preserve that authentic traditional look. Lasts up to 100+ years and cost as asphalt. About Newly Introduced Metal Shingles

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In the market today there are probably over 25 metal roof shingles ranging from 4 a square foot to 8 that is only for the material. Many of the square foot prices don’t include the trim. Add the labour and to start getting an accurate picture of the real cost. But we provide you this at affordable cost with lower labor charges no addition cost. Metal Shingles Cost

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We are metal roofing company and has field-tested many prototypes for over 5 years and also studied the issue with current metal shingles. We study the results and actually saw what our shingles were doing. On one water test we installed the shingle on a square platform that could be elevated or lowered to watch the water at different slopes and with different force. And provide a faster installation with a truly interlocked metal shingle. Field-Tested

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Waterproof Windproof Our “Gutter Helmet” style of gutter covers actually work on the basis of water tension. The water flows off of the roofing material onto the curved metal helmet and allows the rainwater to follow the curve of the metal into the gutter. The metal shingles are capable enough to withstand high wind pressure hailstorms hurricane against natural calamities. They have the stiffness of the metal and the fact that they have a fastener on all four edges.

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It controls the water tension issue where two shingle edges adjoin is where the problem is. When rain curves around the shingle above this junction the water normally will go behind the low shingles. Our 4Ever Metal shingles works best to control this. Advantages of Installing Metal Shingles Control Water Tension Issue

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Lower Labor Costs The 4Ever metal shingle will not only let the less costly labour cost and available with quicker installation. It can make your home more energy-efficient reducing your energy bills and ensure you never have to worry about another roof replacement again or regular repairs and maintenance.

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