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How is the stone coated metal roof manufactured? What technology and process Alpha Rain follow? Get the knowledge about stone coated metal roofing view this slide or visit here:-


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Stone Coated Metal Roof Stone coated steel roofing systems are the most beautiful and trouble free roofs available today

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Manufactured using strong lightweight aluminum-zinc alloy coated 26 gauge steel and covered with 3M ceramic coated stone granules and sealed with an exclusive polymer coating.25 reduction seen in some homes your particular home might very Depending on age the home was built and building practices used and If any updates have been performed on the home.

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Some Attic very depending on conditions of the home and the way it was constructed consult with your Alpha Rain Ventilation expert for more information about how the Therma Vent system would work on your specific home. Connect With Us 15025 Jats Dr. Ste. 1 Brandy Station VA 22714 +1 540-222-1642 w w w . a l p h a r a i n . c o m

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