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ScienceBridge Get yourself out there™ 11/09/2012 Initial draft presentation- Alon Hendel

How it Used to Be:

How it Used to Be You graduated with a Ph.D. Completed a postdoc or two Applied for a faculty position - University wants you! Applied for grants – Federal money is available for you Relatively clear streamline Both the university and the government support you and your research

What is Happening Now...:

What is Happening Now... Less federal money is available for research Universities hardly hire anymore Support from the university is minimal Support from research centres is minimal You might be already on life support!

PowerPoint Presentation:

More than ever, you are expected to sustain yourself, by yourself!!! It’s Time to Get Yourself together It’s Time to Take care of yourself It’s all up to you

Meanwhile on the other side of the border...:

Meanwhile on the other side of the border...

Industry is also experiencing some rough times:

Industry is also experiencing some rough times Economic downturn makes it hard for industry to stay afloat Difficult times to recruit capital Companies’ pipeline is getting dry Many R&D departments are being closed down Enormous despair for innovation The obvious solution: Teaming up with academic scientists to reduce risks and push ideas forward!!!

Every Challenge Hold its Opportunities:

Every Challenge Hold its Opportunities You got left by yourself with minimal support You need more resources to support your research Industry is looking to reduced risks They are seeking for new ways to team up with scientists to push innovation forward

The Game is On:

The Game is On Get Yourself Out There™ Get Exposed You Need to Be Found


ScienceBridge Your Lab Online

Your Lab at The Front!:

Your Lab at The Front! Your lab and your research is centre staged – No need to click through many links until people find you and your work Your research can now be seen and heard with the Movie Centre – Make it easy to explain and exhibit your work in an attractive way Your lab members now have the exposure they deserve – An individual webpage for each lab member. Highly useful when developing networks in conferences and for future career progression Your publication are all in one place and most importantly up to date at all times- All publication come with the abstract and linked to the pubmed Your search for new lab members is made easier with current job listing- Potential students can now know if you are hiring, but equally important they can also know if your are not


ScienceBridge Your Lab is Searchable

PowerPoint Presentation:

Online example to be optimized! But even more important than all of that: You need to make it easy for people to find you. You need to be searchable!!! Maybe giving a few examples of what people might look for and what search result they might get in google : Lung research in BC, or in general You need to stand out Thinking about other advantage We offer a new way to promote your work. Something that’ probably going to be cheaper than going to any conference, but probably be 10 times more effective.

How do we do it?:

How do we do it?


ScienceBridge Giving you a professional look on the web Position yourself at centre stage for maximal exposure The only search base research portal that allow you to be found

PowerPoint Presentation:

ScienceBridge Building the Bridge for Your Success

PowerPoint Presentation:

Some other thoughts: Market you research – not a forbidden phrase anymore but a reality. Just papers might not do the job You already do it anyway: Going to conferences to promote your work (= coating thousands of dollars, but you all agree, money well spent, it’s for a good cause of promoting your work ) Going for talks, schmoozing with the right grant panellists – nothing is wrong with it, this is how this game needs to be played. You need to attract attention, you need to promote you work, you need to market yourself..... BUT YOU DON’T HAVE A WEBSITE????? Especially in this day of age...this is unacceptable!!! And not just a simple, business card type of website the university gives you/ or the centre you belong too. Yes, those same places that hardly supports you anyway...We are talking about your own website, where you are in the front. Not part of a department, not part of a centre, but just you. Cause as you know you need to take care of yourself Also, not a website that have your picture from 10 years ago, and hardly anything there is current. It’s going to be hard for people to know what are you really all about unless you show it to them!

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