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Plant Tissue Culture


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Plant Tissue Culture:

1 Plant Tissue Culture presented by alok kr vishwakarma (alokkumar_89@yahoo.com) katiyar bipin sarvesh ( bipinkatiyar87@gmail.com ) Dept of pharmaceutics psit,kanpur


2 History 1965 French Botanist discovers Micropropagation Virus-free orchid plant Beginning of Tissue Culture

What is Tissue Culture?:

3 What is Tissue Culture? Asexual Propagation aka Micropropagation Defined as: Production of new plantlets from tissue of an actively growing plant

Why use tissue culture?:

4 Why use tissue culture? Species with any of the following: Regeneration problems Poor germination Desirable traits Disease-resistance High productivity Gender of commercial importance Male- Asparagus Female- Papaya

Where is it used?:

5 Where is it used? Commercial Production Chrysanthemum Gladiolus Etc. Crop production Sugar cane Tapioca Potatoes

What is required?:

6 What is required? Very sanitary conditions Usually a lab Sterile aseptic culture or MEDIA containing: Nutrients Sugars Vitamins Hormones Test tube Plant tissue: shoot tip, leaf section, meristem, node, etc.

The Procedure :

7 The Procedure Prepare the media Sterilize everything including: Media Tools Supplies Equipment Work area Place media in test tube Remove tissue from plant

Procedure continued:

8 Procedure continued Sanitize tissue sample Place tissue sample on media in test tube Cap or seal test tube Place in warm, well-lighted area Plantlets should begin to form in 4-6 weeks

Tissue Culture Process:

9 Tissue Culture Process Start Tissue Removed Media Callus Plantlet

Advantages Disadvantages:

10 Advantages Disadvantages Small part of plant is required Produce many plantlets in small areas Disease-free plants Pest-resistant Maintaining a sterile environment Expensive lab facilities Poor photosynthesis Water loss

Guided Practice:

11 Guided Practice Group Activity: Put the steps for tissue culture in order with your group.

Independent Practice:

12 Independent Practice What is another name for tissue culture? Define tissue culture in your own words. List one advantage and one disadvantage of tissue culture. What four materials are required for the tissue culture process?

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