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Getting Started with Adobe Presenter

Creating an Adobe Presentation:

Creating an Adobe Presentation Rapidly create Flash-based presentations and eLearning courses from PowerPoint Set Preferences Add or Edit Audio Add multimedia Capture video Create quizzes and surveys Customize presentations Publish to Flash or PDF or Connect Server

Set Preferences:

Set Preferences Choose Preferences from the Adobe Presenter menu. Create a presenter profile. (Optionally) Configure the Adobe Connect Enterprise server to which you want to publish. If you do not know the URL of your server ask your Adobe Connect Administrator. 1. 2. 3.

Add Audio & Synchronize Animations:

Add Audio & Synchronize Animations Choose Record Audio from the Adobe Presenter menu. Set your microphone recording level. Begin recording audio. Clicking Next >> advances the presentation to the next slide. Clicking Next Animation allows you to time PowerPoint animations to your narration. If there are no animations on the slide, click Stop Recording , then Next>> to start narrating the next slide. 1. 2. 3.

Add Multimedia:

Add Multimedia Choose Insert Swf or Import Video from the Adobe Presenter menu. Browse for your content using the Insert Flash or Import Video dialog. The Flash/Video file is inserted / Imported on the slide. To preview the inserted file, view the presentation in slideshow mode 1. 2. 3.

Capture Video:

Capture Video Choose Capture Video from the Adobe Presenter menu. Select Attach to slide <Slide #> as <Slide video> or <Sidebar video> Capture the video using Start Recording and Stop Recording Click Ok to insert it to the slide or Click to save it to a different file. 1. 2.&3. 4.

Create Quizzes and Surveys:

Create Quizzes and Surveys Choose Quiz Manager from the Adobe Presenter menu. Click Add New Question to add a question or Import Quizzes from your existing presentations created in Adobe Presenter or Articulate Choose the type of question you would like to create and fill in question properties. Continue until you have created all questions and click OK in the Quiz Manager. New slides are added to the presentation for each question you created. Edit Quizzes for advanced options like pooling, shuffling and branching 1. 2. 3.

Customize Presentations:

Customize Presentations Choose Presentation Settings from the Adobe Presenter menu. The Settings tab lets you change the presentation title, add a presentation summary, and select other presentation settings. Use the Theme Editor to customize the look and feel of the Preso 1. 2. 3.

Publish Presentations:

Publish Presentations Choose Publish from the Adobe Presenter menu. Confirm presentation settings by looking at the Presentation Information. Select publish locally to My Computer or publish to an Adobe Connect Pro server or Adobe PDF . Click Publish . You can select View output after publishing to see the presentation post conversion. If you published to an Adobe Connect Pro server, a URL is provided. 1. 2.&3. 4.

Navigating An Adobe Presentation :

Navigating An Adobe Presentation Adobe Presentation Control Bar Adobe Presentation Side Bar Sidebar with multiple tabs Presentation control bar

Adobe Presentation Control Bar:

Adobe Presentation Control Bar Controls for navigating a Preso are automatically created Toggle button to change view to full screen Current position/ total time of slide audio Navigation buttons Slide Playback Status Movable Slider head Attachments Popup Volume Control Popup

Adobe Presentation Sidebar:

Adobe Presentation Sidebar Navigation to particular slides, quiz questions, read slide notes, or search the presentation Completely customizable by presentation author The quiz pane appears when user enters a quiz

Additional Resources:

Additional Resources Adobe Presenter Quick Start Guide Adobe Connect Resource Center Adobe Connect Product Documentation

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