British Accent Training Part One

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Presentation Description for more help with your RP British accent training. Are you learning the British Accent. This presentation can help in your training in the British accent.


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The British Accent - Part One : 

The British Accent - Part One Narrated By Alison Pitman email:

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The Long-O, as in GROW This sound is not a simple O, but a combination of two sounds, sounding something like ‘Om’ or ‘Oh’  No, go, home, alone, grow, solo, notion, explode   Slowly the ocean rolled home I wrote to Joe, hoping he would grow up The rowboat slowly floated over the ocean The oboe and cello sat alone, woefully echoing tone for tone

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Long ago people slept on the cold earth. He was bloated from eating a roasted tomato. Of all the folks I know, he is the most hopeful. I told Joan that the snow is flown in from Ohio. Smoke rolled out the open end of the hotel window. More practice –

O sounds from your script : 

O sounds from your script Over, Home, Associated, Modem, Tone, Appropriately, Overview Postcode

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More of same sound of The broad-aw, as in BROUGHT Paul, autumn, awful, flawless, call, wall, walk, talk, thought, brought - The tall author walked awkwardly. - He stalked the ball, then vaulted. - He thought he saw the autumn leaves falling. - The awful sauce made Paul pause. - He bought a shawl and brought it home from the mall.

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-      The awkward, awful, tall man walked home. -      He stalked the ball and then vaulted down the hall. -      The cat crawled over the lawn with its hurt paw. -      You taught me to vault flawlessly without falling. More practice –

AW words from your script : 

AW words from your script Call, Paul, Fault, Precaution, Portal Cordless

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If the final ‘Y’ runs right into a word beginning with a vowel you won’t be able to soften the sound quite as much. Follow the samples on the tape: Mary is here He’s very active. Some lovely apples.

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-         Mary moved the heavy copy of Shakespeare.   -         Money earned faithfully should be given to the needy.   -         I worry about the cloudy weather and stormy skies.   -         He told a scary fairy story that was set in another country. More practice –

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The short-A as in GLASS, to rhyme with ‘Aah’ a)   Before the F sound as in: After, laugh, half, calf Major exceptions: caffeine, saffron, sapphire  b)     Before the S sound as in: Fast, last, rascal, repast, pass, castle Major Exceptions: gastric, hassle, tassel (though ‘castle’ does change)  c)      Before the voiceless TH as in: Bath, pathway, wrath Major Exceptions: catholic, mathematics, catheter, cathode

“Aah” words from the script : 

“Aah” words from the script Master, card, transferred, password, department, charge, target,

Thank you for watching & listening : 

Thank you for watching & listening I hope you found this presentation useful. Please do keep an eye on the for more presentations. If you would like to contact Alison Pitman please do email her at

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