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Presentation Description if you are interested in more RP British accent training material.Learning the British Accent - Some Business words and their pronunciations


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Learning the British Accent : 

Learning the British Accent Business Words and their Pronunciation

Business Words “A” : 

Business Words “A” Address Adjustable Appreciation Assess Asset Account Alert @ Authentication Approximate Available Associate Activate Applicable Apologise Additional Agreement

Business Words “C” : 

Business Words “C” Continue Considerably Computer Capacity Configure Contact Conversation Coverage Collateral Communication Component Career Confirmation Consent Competition Consecutive Colleague Condemnation

Business Words “D” & “E” : 

Business Words “D” & “E” Deficiency Delinquency Delayed Deliver Develop Debit Desktop Details Dispatched Engineers Executive Estimate

Business Words “F”,”G”,“H”,“I” : 

Business Words “F”,”G”,“H”,“I” Facilities Government Handset Installation Immediately Industry Initial Inquiry Interest

Business Words “M”, “N” : 

Business Words “M”, “N” Modem Maternity Maturity Mortgage Messages Mobile Negative

Business Words “O” : 

Business Words “O” Ordinance Origination Opportunity

Business Words “P” : 

Business Words “P” Process Percent Plan Premises Prevalent Pro Rata Product Purchase Particular Penalty Percentage Prefer Preliminary Priority Private Probably Password Performance

Business Words “R” & “S” : 

Business Words “R” & “S” Refer Registered Representative Referral Specific Security Swapping Speaking Solution Status

Business Words “T” “V” “Z” : 

Business Words “T” “V” “Z” Technology Tuition Technical Verification Video Voice Zero

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