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Commodity is any sort of movable or exchangeable goods and assets except for money that can be bought and sold.


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Guide to Commodity Trading A commodity is nothing but goods or assets that has importance in everyday life and can be exchanged for other commodities of the same type in commerce. Commodity is any sort of movable or exchangeable goods and assets except for money that can be bought and sold. Alliance Research is share market tips and commodity tips provider in India Which provides stock tips in various segments. History of Commodity Trading in India Commodity Trading has a long history tracing back more than 400 years. Osaka in Japan is known to have been trading commodity futures to trade rice. Commodity trading in India started with the formation of the Bombay Cotton Trade Association in India in 1875. This has shaped the future of commodity trading in India with the country among growing markets in the world with around 20 exchanges trading over 40 commodities in early 2002. Nowadays commodity trading has become synonymous with derivatives seeing major volume since the turn of the century. List of Commodity Exchanges in India Commodity Exchanges City Year of Formation Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd Mumbai 2003 National Multi Commodity Exchange Ahmedabad 2002 National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange Limited NCDEX Mumbai 2003 Universal Commodity Exchange Gurgaon 2013 Indian Commodity Exchange ICEX Gurgaon 2009

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Shariah Index Mumbai 2010 Commodity Market Trading Timings in India Below timings were announced in Oct 2018. These timings shall be revised in Nov 2019: Session Start Time End Time after end of US daylight savings in fall season Continuous Trading – Internationally referenceable Non-Agricultural Commodities 9:00 AM 11.55 pm Trade Modification Timings 12:10 AM What Are The Different Types Of Commodities Enlisted down below are the different types of commodities  Agricultural  Base Metals  Bullion  Energy Let us discuss all of them in a little detail Agricultural Commodities Agricultural commodities are those important sources of food that are required for either livestock or humans. For Instance cardamom cotton crude palm oil mentha oil etc. Base Metal Commodities

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Base Metal commodities are those metals that are used in the manufacturing of other useful products like aluminum aluminum minis copper copper minis lead lead minis etc. Bullion Commodities Bullion Commodities include precious metals like gold and silver that are used for making jewelry. This type of commodity includes Gold Gold Mini Gold Guinea Gold Petal Gold Global Silver Mini Silver Silver Micro Silver 1000 etc. Energy Commodities Energy commodities include products that are used in the production of energy like crude oil crude oil mini brent crude oil and natural gas. Best Commodity Brokers In India Selecting the right commodity stockbroker is crucial for investment experience. And therefore we have listed down five best commodity brokers in India. ShareKhan Zerodha Angel Broking Trade Smart Online Upstox SAMCO SAS Online Kotak Securities Motilal Oswal R Money

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Risks of Investing in Commodities When you are trading in Commodity Futures it takes very less amount of money to hold a very large amount of commodity with the help of margin which can help an investor make money but he can also lose a big amount as well. Volatility Risk Commodity Trading in India can be one of the most volatile asset class. It is considered more volatile than bonds equities and even currencies. For example In the recent ongoing Trade War the daily volatility of oil was around 30 while in the same period the currency market only saw volatility of 10.

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