Planning Your Next Website Redesign Here Are 3 Things to Look Out For

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Call Us Now! 1300 760 363 Planning Your Next Website Redesign? Here Are 3 Things to Look Out For Before You Get Started


Over time, you gain a better understanding of your customers, expand services, redefine business goals and your business goes through a number of changes. Consequently, your website just doesn’t fit anymore. If your business website has been around for quite a while, you may be tempted, at some point or another, to get a website redesign. While a website redesign project may seem like a no brainer to many, without proper planning, even the simplest of redesigns can turn into a rather intimidating experience. In order to help you carry out the process strategically and achieve intended results, here are some considerations you should look out for before start remodelling your website. Call Us Now! 1300 760 363


Call Us Now! 1300 760 363


Before you start, decide if you even need a website redesign. The whole process demands a considerable amount of money and time and thus, it is necessary to have a good reason for remodelling . Call Us Now! 1300 760 363 To have or not to have a redesign?


Once you’ve decided to go for a redesign, take the time to determine what purpose the new website should serve. In addition to goal setting, consider asking a few more questions: • What do you want to achieve with the redesigned website? • What issues do you want to address with the redesign? • How can your online presence support your goals? Answering these questions will help you be clear on your needs and expectations and ensure the success of your remodelling project. Call Us Now! 1300 760 363 Define clear goals


Your current website analytics including monthly traffic, average yearly visitors, conversion rates, bounce rates, number of leads, SEO rankings and more can help make more constructive decisions around the new website design. So, it’s important to track and protect data on your website to gain a better insight into the website performance. In addition, there many other considerations like competitive analysis, buyer persona and design preferences that must not be overlooked when redesign a website. If you aren’t sure about the redesign process and strategies, consider outsourcing website support. There are professionals and firms out there that offer quality website maintenance and support packages you could utilise for your website redesign project. Call Us Now! 1300 760 363 Analyse current website metrics


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