Distinguishing Stamped Overlays from Stamped Concrete


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http://www.concretecoatingspecialists.com/services/los-angeles-ca/stamped-concrete-overlays 877-786-3351 1178 N. Grove Unit F Anaheim, CA 90201 Distinguishing Stamped Overlays from Stamped Concrete Stamping can give concrete the look of natural stone, wood and virtually any other material you might want. You can also add decorative embellishments with stamping, such as fleur-de-lis, geometric designs and much more.


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Distinguishing Stamped Overlays :

Distinguishing Stamped Overlays from Stamped Concrete

Concrete Stamping:

Concrete Stamping Once upon a time, concrete was limited to being plain, gray and ordinary . 1.877.786.3351 www.ConcreteCoatingSpecialists.com

Concrete Stamping:

Concrete Stamping Stamping techniques offer a means to transform that gray, bland surface into something else entirely like : Natural stone Wood V irtually any other material you might want 1.877.786.3351 www.ConcreteCoatingSpecialists.com

When Is Stamping Used?:

When Is Stamping Used? You’ll find stamping techniques used in two different situations : New cement applications Stamped concrete overlays 1.877.786.3351 www.ConcreteCoatingSpecialists.com

Stamped Concrete:

Stamped Concrete Stamped concrete is a fresh pour where there was either no concrete before, or the old concrete has been completely removed. 1.877.786.3351 www.ConcreteCoatingSpecialists.com

Stamped Overlays:

Stamped Overlays Stamped overlays are usually indistinguishable from new poured stamped concrete, but the process is different. It’s a new layer of cement over an existing concrete area. In this process, a thin layer of concrete solution is poured on top of your existing cement, and is then stamped with the pattern you want . More affordable and faster installation time 1.877.786.3351 www.ConcreteCoatingSpecialists.com

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