CPRS Stage II-III-charting

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CPRS Stage II-III-charting


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CPRS Stage II-III : 

CPRS Stage II-III Audio Content present. Please switch on ypour speakers/ headphones

CPRS Graphing : 

CPRS Graphing CPRS includes graphing functionality that enables you to create visual representations of relationships between many types of patient data. CPRS graphing uses different representations for different types of items. Following is a brief discussion of selected items and their corresponding representations.

Admissions and Visits: : 

Admissions and Visits:

Events : 


Medications: : 

Medications: Caution: Healthcare professionals have no reliable way to determine whether patients do or do not take their outpatient medications. Use caution when graphing relationships between outpatient medications and other items.

Vitals : 


Labs : 


Using CPRS Graphing : 

Using CPRS Graphing The following sections explain how to: Start CPRS graphing Configure settings Create graphs

Starting CPRS Graphing : 

Starting CPRS Graphing

Starting CPRS Graphing : 

Starting CPRS Graphing You can start CPRS graphing in any of the following four ways: From any tab: click Tools on the main menu and then click Graphing. CPRS displays the detached graphing window. From any tab: simultaneously press the <Ctrl> and <G> keys. CPRS displays the detached graphing window. On the Reports tab: click Graphing (local only) under Available Reports. CPRS displays embedded graphing panes. On the Labs tab: click Graph under Lab Results. CPRS displays the detached graphing window.

Configure Settings : 

Configure Settings CPRS graphing offers many options for selecting and displaying graphed data. For example, you can: Select a date range Create, edit, delete, and rename predefined views (personal or public)—or save collections of items for reuse Display individual or multiple items in a single graph Display graphs in one single or two separate panes Use the Graph Settings dialog box to specify data sources and display options

Creating Graphs : 

Creating Graphs Note: Graphing is highly complex and can render highly customized view. For details you are advised to read the course material thoroughly.

End of tutorial : 

End of tutorial

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