CPRS Stage II-III-Coversheet

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CPRS Stage II-III-Coversheet


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CPRS Stage II-III : 

CPRS Stage II-III Audio Content present. Please switch on your speakers/ headphones

Cover Sheet : 

Cover Sheet

Navigating a Patient Chart : 

Navigating a Patient Chart

Entering or Changing Encounter Information : 

Entering or Changing Encounter Information

Viewing Clinical Reminders : 

Viewing Clinical Reminders

Clinical Reminders : 

Clinical Reminders

Viewing and Entering Vitals : 

Viewing and Entering Vitals Users bring up detailed vitals information by clicking anywhere in the vitals area on the CPRS cover sheet. By using the new Vitals Lite component, CPRS users can enter vitals with qualifiers, such as sitting, standing, actual, estimated, left arm, right leg, etc. Then, on the Cover Sheet, CPRS displays all vitals that have a value entered, any qualifiers, and the date the vital was entered.

How CPRS Displays Vitals : 

How CPRS Displays Vitals

Recording Vitals : 

Recording Vitals

Marking Vitals as Entered in Error : 

Marking Vitals as Entered in Error

Allergies/Adverse Reactions : 

Allergies/Adverse Reactions From the Cover Sheet tab, you can also: Enter new allergies Mark existing allergies or adverse reactions as having been entered in error Enter no-known-allergies (NKA) assessments

Creating Postings : 

Creating Postings

End of tutorial : 

End of tutorial

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