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CPRS Stage II-III-tools


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CPRS Stage II-III : 

CPRS Stage II-III Audio Content present. Please switch on your speakers/ headphones

Tools Menu : 

Tools Menu The Tools menu allows you to quickly access other applications and utilities from within CPRS. Depending on the configuration of your site, the Tools menu may allow you to access other VistA applications such as VistA Imaging or connect you to third-party applications such as word-processing programs or Internet browsers. Talk to your clinical coordinator if you wish to add an application or utility to the Tools menu. The Tools menu also contains two standard menu items: Lab Test Information and Option These menu items are explained in this presentation.

Lab Test Information : 

Lab Test Information

Options : 


General Tab : 

General Tab

Date Range Defaults : 

Date Range Defaults

Clinical Reminders : 

Clinical Reminders

Clinical Reminders and Reminder Categories Displayed on Cover Sheet : 

Clinical Reminders and Reminder Categories Displayed on Cover Sheet

Other Parameters : 

Other Parameters

Notifications Tab : 

Notifications Tab

Order Checks Tab : 

Order Checks Tab

Lists/Teams Tab : 

Lists/Teams Tab

Notes Tab : 

Notes Tab

Notes… : 


Document Titles : 

Document Titles

Reports Tab : 

Reports Tab

Set All Reports … : 

Set All Reports …

Set Individual Report : 

Set Individual Report

End of tutorial : 

End of tutorial

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