RFID, Radio Frequency Identification


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Radio frequency identification (RFID) is used in wireless communication. An RFID system has readers and tags that communicate with each other by radio


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OUR SERVICE UHF RFID Reader Mobile Receipt Printer Honeywell Barcode Printer Bangkok RFID, Radio Frequency Identification Laser Barcode Scanner Handheld Mobile Computer www.allbc.co.th

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www.allbc.co.th Get Info about Handheld Scanners for Payment Purposes The advancement in technology is well-known in the present scenario. A rapid growth has been witnessed in the mobile and the computer technologies. Today, these two gadgets are close to each other. Therefore, you can find a number of devices, which are the combination of the two. You can now use the features of each other in the two gadgets.

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www.allbc.co.th Handheld Mobile Computer The handheld mobile computer for scanning barcodes can be witnessed a lot in the stores today. The barcode is a secret code, which can be read only by the decoder. These handheld devices have their decoders, which can help the storekeepers to get the details. These handheld computers have the decoders, which can decode these barcodes.

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www.allbc.co.th Payment through credit or debit card is widely famous these days. It facilitates you taking a lot of cash with you when going to shopping of the expensive items. The codes of these cards are also required to be read in the present scenario. The handheld computers are very much of use in this regard. There are the small computers to scan the chips of the cards. For Receiving Credit or Debit Cards

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www.allbc.co.th There are the small devices that used for identifying and tracking the tags attached to the objects. The RFID, Radio Frequency Identification is one of the devices, which can be taken as the perfect instance in this regard. It uses the electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track. RFID, Radio Frequency Identification

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www.allbc.co.th All these devices can be purchased from several offline and online stores. There are different models available of these devices. The models have distinct features, which are in the accordance of the requirements of the people. The stores have a wide variety of products and their models. Many of these stores are being run by some firms. Besides, these stores and firms also offer a number of services. Some of the services offered by the stores include: MOBILE COMPUTING DEVICE

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www.allbc.co.th However, the products mentioned above are handheld but still some installation is required. The installation services are rendered by these companies or stores. The service engineers of these units come at your place and accomplish the process of installation. Installation The products need servicing time to time for their long life. Many units provide the servicing of the products also. The servicing is also done by the service engineers. Servicing

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