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Training presentation to create ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) awareness in the organization. Includes useful practice tips for auditees on how to manage the audit session successfully. For more information, please go to:


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ISO 14001 Awareness


Objectives Provide background knowledge on ISO 14001 Gain an overview of ISO 14001 requirements Understand the key implementation steps Gain useful tips on handling an audit session


Contents Overview of ISO 14001 Requirements of the ISO 14001 Standard Implementation Steps Handling an audit session NOTE: As this is a PREVIEW , only selected slides are shown. To download the complete presentation, please visit:

What is ISO 14001? :

What is ISO 14001? The goal is for organizations to control the impacts that their activities, products and services have on the environment ISO 14000 is the standard, and ISO 14001 is the document containing the requirements

Rights of Auditee:

Rights of Auditee Can adjust audit schedule if necessary Adhere to site’s security measures Make no exceptions for auditors

How to Handle the Audit Session?:

How to Handle the Audit Session? Do not panic Ask and clarify Admit obvious non-conformities Offer evidence and explain patiently Take note of improvement areas highlighted by the auditor Show internal audit report, when necessary

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