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Training presentation on Hoshin Kanri - a powerful, systematic Strategic Planning methodology that uses a Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle to create goals, choose control measures and link daily control activities to the company's strategy. To download this complete presentation, please go to: http://www.oeconsulting.com.sg


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Hoshin Kanri : 

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Program Objectives: 

Program Objectives Gain an understanding of the principles and key concepts of Hoshin Kanri Define the Hoshin Kanri process, tools and key elements Describe the Hoshin Kanri step-by-step approach to planning, implementation and review process for managed change Gain practical knowledge and skills in applying the Hoshin Kanri process and tools

Program Outline: 

Program Outline Introduction to Hoshin Kanri What is Hoshin Kanri? Purpose of Hoshin Kanri Linkages of Hoshin Kanri, Balanced Scorecard & MBO Comparison of Hoshin Kanri with MBO Underlying Principles of Hoshin Kanri Plan-Do-Check–Act Cycle Pareto Principle Cause-and-Effect Relationship Hoshin Kanri Process Using PDCA Approach Review of Strategic Planning Process Hoshin Kanri Steps Hoshin Kanri Incorporating the Balanced Scorecard Top Management Objective Setting Deployment to Department Managers Operationalize through Projects Performance Review Hoshin Kanri Tools X Matrix Alignment & Deployment Chart Management Control Chart Daily Management Matrix A3 Report Software for Hoshin Kanri Elements of Hoshin Kanri Performance Measurements Breakthrough Hoshin Daily Management Cross-functional Management Management Reviews Types of Reviews Checklist & Guidelines for Reviews Critical Success Factors Summary & Closing Comments NOTE: As this is a PREVIEW , only selected slides are shown. To download the complete presentation, please visit: http://www.oeconsulting.com.sg/TRAINING-PRESENTATIONS.php

PowerPoint Presentation: 

“Plans are nothing, planning is everything.” - Dwight D. Eisenhower

What is Hoshin Kanri?: 

What is Hoshin Kanri? A visual planning tool that helps us identify the key focus points and strategies we will use to steer us towards our vision Enables everyone to ‘see’ where we’re going and our plans to get there Build plan and strategies as a team Shared responsibility for getting results

Linkages of BSC, Hoshin Kanri & MBO: 

Linkages of BSC, Hoshin Kanri & MBO

Underlying Principles of Hoshin Kanri: 

Underlying Principles of Hoshin Kanri Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) Cycle Pareto Principle: Focus on the vital few Cause-and-Effect Relationship

Hoshin Kanri Cascade: 

Hoshin Kanri Cascade

Hoshin Kanri Process - Example: 

Hoshin Kanri Process - Example Direction of information flow Catchball: Negotiation & Alignment between two levels MD Div Manager Dept Manager Section Manager Engineer Customer Satisfaction Feedback Feedback Feedback Feedback Set up & lead Kaizen team to reduce rejects in Line A-1 To improve quality Improve overall yield Reduce defects Reduce rejects in Line A-1 Policy Owner Objective Means To improve quality Improve overall yield Reduce defects

Hoshin Kanri Model: 

Hoshin Kanri Model Improvement Hoshin Daily Management Cross-Functional Management

Four Key Phases of Hoshin Kanri: 

Four Key Phases of Hoshin Kanri Top Management Objective Setting Deployment to Department Managers Operationalize through Projects Review Performance

Common Hoshin Kanri Tools: 

Common Hoshin Kanri Tools Alignment & Deployment Chart For improvement hoshin Daily Management Matrix For daily management Gantt Chart For review purposes Management Control Chart For review purposes



Hoshin Kanri Deployment Tree: 

Hoshin Kanri Deployment Tree

Linkages of Objectives to Superordinate Goal: 

Linkages of Objectives to Superordinate Goal

Types of Reviews: 

Types of Reviews

End of Preview: 

End of Preview To download this entire PowerPoint presentation, please visit : http://www.oeconsulting.com.sg/TRAINING-PRESENTATIONS.php Operational Excellence Consulting http://www.oeconsulting.com.sg Copyrights of all the pictures used in this presentation are held by their respective owners.