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Training presentation on Hoshin Kanri - a powerful, systematic Strategic Planning methodology that uses a Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle to create goals, choose control measures and link daily control activities to the company's strategy. To download this complete presentation, please go to: http://www.oeconsulting.com.sg


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Overview of Hoshin Kanri:

Overview of Hoshin Kanri Allan Ung Managing Consultant

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“Plans are nothing, planning is everything.” - Dwight D. Eisenhower “Plans are nothing, planning is everything.” - Dwight D. Eisenhower

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“Total Quality does not guarantee the companies will produce strategies. Winning strategies must come from the minds of the leaders , augmented by inputs from the troops .” - Edwin Artzt Chairman & CEO, Procter & Gamble

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“The productivity of a work group seems to depend on how the group members see their own goals in relation to the goals of the organization .” - Ken Blanchard Author of the book ‘One Minute Manager’

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“Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” - Will Rogers

Hoshin Kanri:

Hoshin Kanri Hoshin Kanri – Japanese term for Policy Deployment Hoshin is composed of two characters: Ho means “method or form” Shin means “shiny needle or compass” Taken together, hoshin means a “methodology for strategic direction setting” Kanri means “management” or “control”

Hoshin Kanri:

Hoshin Kanri Taken together, Hoshin Kanri means a methodology to capture and concretize strategic goals as well as to develop the means to bring plans to reality In other words, Hoshin Kanri is target-means deployment

Other Equivalent Terms:

Other Equivalent Terms Other terms synonymous to Hoshin Kanri Hoshin Planning Policy Deployment Management by Policy Management by Priorities Goals Deployment “Catch-ball” Process

What is Hoshin Kanri?:

What is Hoshin Kanri? A planning tool that helps us identify the key focus points and strategies we will use to steer us towards our vision Enables everyone to ‘see’ where we’re going and our plans to get there Build plan and strategies as a team Shared responsibility for getting results

Purpose of Hoshin Kanri:

Purpose of Hoshin Kanri Provides a step-by-step planning, implementation and review process for managed change Facilitates a set of coordinated processes that accomplish the core objectives of the business Clarifies specific annual target policies derived from long- and medium-term policies that encompass the long term visions of the company

Purpose of Hoshin Kanri:

Purpose of Hoshin Kanri Translates organizational goals to actions based on priorities determined by management Aligns goals of individuals, teams and functions to that of the organization

Linkages of BSC, Hoshin Kanri & MBO:

Linkages of BSC, Hoshin Kanri & MBO

Hoshin Kanri at Three Different Levels:

Hoshin Kanri at Three Different Levels

Hoshin Kanri: Catch-Ball Process:

Hoshin Kanri: Catch-Ball Process Group Goals & Priorities Division Objectives Department Objectives Section Objectives Supervisor Objectives COMMUNICATIONS NEGOTIATION & ALIGNMENT

Key Principles Governing Hoshin Kanri:

Key Principles Governing Hoshin Kanri Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) Cycle Pareto Principle: Focus on the vital few Cause-and-Effect Relationship

Overview of Hoshin Kanri Process:

Overview of Hoshin Kanri Process Top Management Objective Setting Deployment to Department Managers Operationalize through Projects Review Performance


X-Matrix Step 1: What? Breakthrough Thinking Step 5: Who? Resource Deployment Step 4: How Much & When? Measures Step 3: How? Which Key Processes? Step 2: How Far? This Year?

Types of Reviews:

Types of Reviews

Critical Success Factors:

Critical Success Factors Data driven (Management by Fact) Focus on the Process, NOT the Results Internal and external customers identified and considered top priority Management goals and priorities are universally understood and deployed across all functions and within each level of planning Adequate tactics defined to achieve goals Communications among functions are sufficient Regular management review

Hoshin Kanri Training & Consulting:

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