Customer Delight Through Quality by Allan Ung


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Training presentation on the basic quality concepts focusing on creating customer delight. It includes the framework for Customer Delight, identifying and maximizing the moments of truth, management of service recovery and tips to create a positive service culture. To download this complete presentation, please go to:


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Customer Delight through Quality:

Customer Delight through Quality


Objectives Understand the basic concepts of delighting customers through quality Define what it takes to create Customer Delight Define how to maximize on Moments of Truth Describe how to manage Service Recovery Explain the imperatives of a positive service culture

Contents :

Contents What is Quality? Quality: The Big Picture Who is the Customer? External Customers Internal Customers Product Quality Expectations of Product Quality Service Quality Why do Companies Lose Customers? Reasons for Switching to the Competition Experienced Poor Service? 5 Dimensions of Service Quality Moments of Truth? How to Maximize the Moments of Truth 8 Steps to Service Recovery Service Culture Management Support Motivators & Rewards 10 Tips to Positive Service Culture People Being a Customer-oriented Professional Summary

What is Quality?:

What is Quality? Conformance with requirement (stated needs) Fitness for purpose (Implied needs) spoken unspoken

Quality: The BIG Picture :

Customer Product Quality Culture Service Quality People Continuous Improvement Quality: The BIG Picture

External Customers:

External Customers Person outside our company who purchases our goods or services Our customer’s customer External Customer Customer Satisfaction Feedback Our Organisation

Internal Customers:

Internal Customers Person performing the next work process Employees in other departments in the organization Customer-Supplier Relationship Process A Process B Process C

Expectations of Product Quality:

Expectations of Product Quality Meet requirements Right the first time Perform as expected Innovative Defect free

What is Service Quality?:

What is Service Quality? It is meeting, exceeding and managing customer’s expectations

Why Companies Lose Customers?:

Why Companies Lose Customers? 1% Died 3% Moved away 5% Influenced by friends 9% lured away by the competition 14% Dissatisfied with product 60% Turned away by attitude of indifference Source: The Pryor Report, Vol 10, No. 4a

Reasons for Switching to the Competition:

Reasons for Switching to the Competition 40% of customers listed poor service as the No. 1 reason 8% listed price Source: Service Quality- Forethought, not Afterthought, The Journal of Business Strategy, Sep/Oct 89

5 Dimensions of Service Quality :

5 Dimensions of Service Quality R eliability A ssurance T angibles E mpathy R esponsiveness

Moments of Truth:

Moments of Truth A moment of truth is any interaction a customer has with our business

How to Maximise the Moments of Truth:

How to Maximise the Moments of Truth Greet customer immediately Give customer your undivided attention Make the first and last 30 seconds count Be natural, not a phony or robotic Be flexible

8 Steps To Service Recovery:

8 Steps To Service Recovery Express respect Listen to understand Uncover expectations Repeat the specifics Outline solution or alternatives Take action and follow through Keep customer informed of status Validate for satisfaction

Management Support:

Management Support Lead by example – role modeling Provide on-going coaching and counseling Adopt a learning attitude

Motivators & Rewards:

Motivators & Rewards Rewards and recognition Motivators Positive reinforcement Customer compliments Take pride on job well done

10 Tips to Positive Service Culture:

10 Tips to Positive Service Culture Communicate the culture & vision to customer Identify and improve your service skill Discuss goals and expectations with your supervisor Demonstrate commitment Work with your customers’ interest in mind Treat your colleagues, vendors and suppliers as customers Work with, not against your customers Provide service follow up Continually strive for excellence Share resources

Customer-Oriented Professional:

Customer-Oriented Professional Increase knowledge Company’s product/services Technical knowledge Customer’s business Build skills Improve attitude Customer service mind-set Take initiatives

End of Preview To download the complete presentation, visit our website below: Operational Excellence Consulting :

End of Preview To download the complete presentation, visit our website below: Operational Excellence Consulting

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