emotion poems May 2011

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Happy is orange. It tastes like sweet poze . It smells like orange cotton candy. If feels like an orange cloud. It sounds like brown chocolate fountain. It reminds me of all the orange stuff that makes me happy. By: Dominic

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Crazy is jungle green. It tastes like dried up pieces of sand. It smells like burning onions. If feels like I’m having a heart attack. It sounds like the smashing ground. It reminds me of acting crazy in my room. By: Christian O.

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Lonely is blank white. It tastes like yucky medicine. It smells like smoke in the air. If feels large as a hard brick. It sounds as a loud dump truck. It reminds me when my brother left me out of a game. By: Garret

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Crazy is marbled. It tastes like candy. It smells like new toys. If feels fun. It sounds really loud. It reminds me when I go trick or treating and eat a lot of candy. By: Lindsey

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Hyper is bright yellow. It tastes sweet and sour like a lemon. It smells like a burning fire. If feels like a hot, hot grill. It sounds like someone going super fast. It reminds me of my hardest race. By: P.J.

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Happy is pink. It tastes like strawberries. It smells like fresh flowers. If feels like fluffy, cozy, warm. It sounds like someone talking to you. It reminds me of when I got my dog in Texas. By: Kayla K.

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Jealous is blue. It tastes like a cold ice cube. It smells like wet crying. If feels like the cold water. It sounds like someone’s crying. It reminds me of when I was really nervous when I did hula hooping. By: Jayden C.

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Love is red. It tastes like cotton candy. It smells like roses. If feels nice. It sounds like people scream “I love you”. It reminds me of people saying “I love you” By: Alan

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Sadness is steel blue. It tastes like really dry sand. It smells like japanez pickels . If feels like a canada fork. It sounds like the sound of hard rain. It reminds me of when my parents got divorced. By: Alexis

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Emotion Poems B y: V ery Insightful 2 nd Graders

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Love is hot pink. It tastes like fuzz in the air. It smells like the tulips in her garden. If feels like the spirits blowing in my face. It sounds like the wind. It reminds me of my mom tucking me in for the night and giving me a hug and kiss. By: Nichole

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Angry is red flame. It tastes like a volcano erupting. It smells like hot fire. If feels like you and me being mean. It sounds like people screaming at each other. It reminds me when my sister had to go to work so when I was trying to sing she turned the music up loud. By: Zoey

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Angry is flame. It tastes like a volcano. It smells like a fire. If feels like flaming hot. It sounds like a building being knocked down. It reminds me when I lost my Dsi XL. By: Marquis

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