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Point of divergence::

Point of divergence: Martin Luther king JR died in his first protest.

Martin Luther King:

Martin Luther King

Segregation Law:

Segregation Law The Segregation laws were written in the South. The Laws kept African American and white people apart. The Segregation law will still exist, because Martin Luther King died in his first protest.

Separate school:

Separate school White and African American were going to separate school. Because there were no body, except M artin Luther king JR who had a dream to change this laws.

Separate restaurant:

Separate restaurant African American can go to eat together with white people. Only martin Luther king JR have a brave heart to change this laws even if he doesn’t have a lot of power.

What would today be like:

What would today be like We will not celebrate his birthday, and will go to the school instead of celebrating his birthday.

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