Essential tips to care for your hair.

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Your hairs are the first thing people notice upon you.Maintaining hair is an essential task and must never overlook it.To know more visit :


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Hair Maintenance Tips:

Hair Maintenance Tips Presented by: Brazilian Remy hair

Correct usage of Conditioner:

Correct usage of Conditioner You should always use conditioner to the last three quater on your hair. If you do not have a dry scalp,then you can skip conditioning your hair. Girls who have an oily scalp should completely avoid conditioners since your scalp produces oil on a daily basis.

Remy Hair Extension:

Remy Hair Extension To keep your hair safe from the heat of ironing and curlers buy hair extensions online. They protect your hair from harsh chemical found in the hair colors. They give a perfect volume to your straightened hairs and bounce to curly hairs.

Scalp Massage:

Scalp Massage Massaging your scalp before shampoo improves the strength of the roots stimulating hair growth. It increases blood flow and is beneficial for circulation. It reduces stress and puts you into a relaxed and happy mood.

Wide-Tooth Comb:

Wide-Tooth Comb Wide-tooth combs are more friendlier than the traditional paddle brush. It detangles hairs without any breakage. For stubborn tangles it is advised to brush them out while the conditioner is still in the hair.


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