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Effects of Patriarchal System


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Alisen Bal Dr. Brenda Machosky ENG496P Final Project Option 1 May 3, 2014


Effect of A Patriarchal System Do you have self-respect? Or do you discriminate? Teenagers age 16 and up are welcomed to meet this Wednesday after-school at the school’s library from 2:15 pm – 4:15 pm for a presentation of author, Jane Austen’s, Pride and Prejudice . In this story, traditional values force girls around the age of fifteen, to learn a task necessary to securing their future. Participants can also enjoy a free membership to the Inheritor’s Club Be there for a chance to win a FREE copy! Presentation includes: * A short summary sighting key characters * 5 Questions guessing behaviors of characters * Guess all 5 questions correctly to win a FREE copy of Pride and Prejudice ! * Or purchase a copy and p repare to awaken your sensibilities and expand your mind!

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Inheritor’s Club Engages in activities based on characters in Pride and Prejudice Informs and discuss decisions on real responsibilities of being an heir Become a volunteer to encourage more readers Participate in two annual fundraisers that support activities Attend social events; celebrating Halloween in aristocratic attire at a mock masquerade ball Inheritor’s Club

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Designing an Advertisement Drawing the attention of a teenagers feelings are to encourage both boys and girls, on valuable lessons in behavior. The initial presentation illustrates different ways to articulate reading skills and inducts club membership. The purpose of free membership promotes (like a scheme), activities in interactive role playing devised to portray a character’s role and cause awareness to other students. My motivation is to explore the consequences of a patriarchal system, informing and improving a readers understanding and testing their knowledge stemmed by the club’s activities to broaden their scope in reading and analyzing literary texts. Also to compare and contrast characters and events. The passage of my intentions is only as a guide to develop and improve reading skills.


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