The Ear Piercing With Gun - Is It A Good Idea


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Most retail shops offering this incentive use piercing guns to do the job. Guns have been around for a long time now, but there are several good reasons to avoid them. See more-


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The Ear Piercing With Gun - Is It A Good Idea When walking through a mall you often come across signs that say if you purchase earrings then the piercing will be free-of-cost. Most retail shops offering this incentive use piercing guns to do the job. Guns have been around for a long time now but there are several good reasons to avoid them. The device resembles the outward appearance of a handgun. Instead of bullets there is a piercing apparatus at the end of the barrel of the gun. The frontal portion of the machine holds a stud earring while the back holds a clasp with a butterfly clip. This topic will explain why you should avoid them. 1. Nothing standardized: A piercing gun uses a stud earring of a standard length. Not every individual out there has similar earlobes. Therefore someone with thick earlobes will experience trouble wearing the titanium ear piercings once the lobes swell afterward. There will be little no post length to utilize for expansion to mitigate the pressure. 2. Diseases and infections: While titanium ear piercings are hypoallergenic you may still incur skin problems. The culprit behind it will be a commercial piercing gun used in jewelry stores. Even with disposable cartridges transmission of diseases is possible if the operator misuses the device or doesn’t follow standard hygienic practices. Another person’s body fluids or bacteria can deposit on your wound caused by the piercing.

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3. Lack of training: It is natural for retail establishments for being unable to allow its piercing operators the necessary training. Such businesses require their employees to start working as early as possible. Naturally you can expect the lack of sanitary precautions in the procedure followed by the operator. The process of using a piercing gun may appear simple but training in proper use and knowledge of aftercare is mandatory for an operator. 4. Blunt force: A piercing apparatus can cause blunt force trauma to your earlobes. A gun usually forces blunt-ended studs through the tissues of your ear. It is a painful process that can cause long-lasting damage. Though the shock isn’t an outstanding issue for the earlobes there is no point in taking risks. It is better to seek out a professional who utilizes razor-sharp hollow needles. These pins can pierce through areas swiftly without damaging the surrounding tissues. 5. Unevenness: An untrained operator of piercing guns is more likely to create uneven lobe holes. Professional body piercers and beauticians can do a better job with a needle. These people have the experience that the novices with piercing guns at retail stores lack. Finally the mechanical operating method of a piercing device is to blame. Its design will reduce accuracy regardless of the operators proficiency.

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Go to professional piercers The ‘free’ factor of piercing guns can end up becoming an expense if the earlobe contracts infections. No guarantees will ever back up the handiwork of a piercing gun operator. Professional piercers working with needles on the other hand receive the training required to provide services. They always follow standard safety precautions and inform you about aftercare. Yes the prices for availing their services can be a little more but they shouldn’t deter you if you’re serious about looking good. You should consider sticking to earrings of titanium particularly if you have sensitive skin.

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