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a great explanation about the simple past tense that i found in the internet


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Simple Past Tense:

Simple Past Tense We use the simple past tense to talk about what happened at a definite time in the past. There are some common expressions we use: yesterday, last night, a month ago, last week, yesterday afternoon, etc

The Verb “to be”:

The Verb “ to be ” Statements: “I / He / She / It” was very good. Questions:“You / We / They” were very smart. Was “I / he / she / it” very good? Were “you / we / they” very smart? Negative sentences: “I / He / She / It” was not very good. “You / We / They” were not very smart.

Regular Verbs:

Regular Verbs Most verbs ( + ed ) walk→walked play →played Verbs ending in e (+d) live →lived use →used Verbs ending in a consonant + y (-y + ied ) (consonant: p, t, r, etc) cry →cried carry →carried Short verbs ending in a vowel + a consonant (vowel: a, e, i , o, u) (double the consonant + y) stop →stopped shop →shopped

Irregular Verbs:

Irregular Verbs No change cost →cost put →put Change the vowel or the consonant come →came ring →rang make →made sit →sat Change the whole word buy →bought do →did

Negative Sentences :

Negative Sentences We add “did not” before the main verb to form negative sentence. (did not = didn’t) I did not see Sandy this morning. John did not go to church last Sunday. David did not watch TV last night.


Questions We add “Did” before the subject Did you have breakfast this morning? Did you wash the dishes last night? Did you bring the umbrella?

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