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Are you looking for business accounting software? Alignbooks is one of the best online accounting software for small businesses to manage your all accounting needs at very affordable price.


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CONVENTIONAL ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE VS. NEXT GEN ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE ALIGNBOOKS AlignBooks Business Process Accounting Software is quite different from conventional accounting software. Some of the major differences that could apparently be figure out are mentioned herein. FIRST this is an online accounting software means the application and working done on accounting application remained stored at cloud or remote server. Since the data is stored at cloud or remote server hence the user with the help of internet facility can access their accounts with accounting application from anytime anywhere and with any device. Accordingly this accounting software facilitate the user with the flexibility of schedule for working without any bondage of specific space. The conventional accounting software application are generally been loaded on desktop or local server would restrict the user to use the software limited to that premise and more particularly to the specific device. To understand the functioning of this business accounting software in more simple terms we could compare it with our usage of email browsing process. As we open use our email account by browsing the email site and open our account with given user ID and self-created password. And we could access our email account from anywhere anytime and with any device as the application and data stored in it is accessible through simple browsing of site and accessing your account on it. Even one can access its email account by using the facility of cyber café or device of any friend and relative. In similar fashion one can access its account by using AlignBooks accounting software application from anywhere anytime and through any device.

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In the present day fast moving word where the time is of utmost importance the company has rightly put its slogan “The online is not the option but the only option”. SECOND feature that distinguish the AlignBooks from other software is that it does not simply talks about recording of financial transactions but it gives the solution for recording complete business process. For example in many of the business sales process starts with providing estimates/quotation to customers that leads to receiving of sales order. On the basis of the sales order dispatch of material is planned and then invoice for the dispatched materials are raised. The invoice raising then leads to receiving of payment. In conventional accounting software you have to depend on so many tools for work like creating estimation and keep the records of order in case part order is supplied and so on. The availability of features for recording complete business process not only avoid the dependency on other tools but also reduce the data redundancy. For example with its feature of linking parent child relationship the data once feed for creation of estimation would be used for order invoice by simply pulling the data from previous document just provide the reference number of previous document that certainly reduce the data duplicity and in turn increase the work efficiency. Hence instead of simply recording the financial transactions AlignBooks facilitate to record the complete business process and provide additional facility to bring efficiency in the business and reduce dependence on several other tools like excel etc. THIRD the conventional accounting software for small business simply provide the standard reports like trial balance Balance sheet ledger etc. The modern accounting software like AlignBooks provides the dynamic dashboard that provides the apparent updated visibility to the user with each recorded transaction. So the feature like dynamic dashboard is completely missing in conventional accounting software and even the reports provide by the conventional accounting software is quite standard and without any flexibility. The software like AlignBooks provides the whole array of reports with the flexibility to modify the report patterns based on filter column choice etc. In the present days competitive world the facility of having good MIS management information system does really help to take smart business decisions. FOURTH the AlignBooks also provides certain modules like payroll assets management POS that are ancillary to the business but in any case is required for doing these ancillary activities. As no business though how small it is can not run without manpower hence to manage the attendance processing salary maintaining leaves etc the general payroll software with minimum requisite features is essential. The presence of these features provides the MSME sector with the complete package to handle its business activities without needing any dependence on any other software. Last but not the least The AlignBooks also provides a feature to the entrepreneurs to invites its tax consultants/auditors to view its accounts. As an invitee user the businessman can give the chosen rights to the consultants and on the basis of this

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facility the invitee consultant could view the accounts of the client. There is no physical or digital movement of any file is required and even the invitee consultant need not to have AlignBooks application preloaded on its device. The invitee consultant could simply access the accounts books of the client with the user ID and password provided by the client. This facility facilitates the MSME business man to concurrently share its accounts with the consultant/auditor for regular supervision so that one could get the regular professional advice on various matters and could save oneself from any statutory non-compliance or defaults.

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