hydraulic and pneumatic filters


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hydraulic and pneumatic filters


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How Filter Media Functions In a Filtration System:

How Filter Media Functions In a Filtration System The job of the media is to capture particles and allow the fluid to flow through. For fluid to pass through, the media must have holes or channels to direct the fluid flow and allow it to pass. That’s why filter media is a porous mat of fibers that alters the fluid flow stream by causing fluid to twist, turn and accelerate during passage.

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Oil Filter (primary):

O il F ilter (primary) -simple single filter (simplex) with fine net is used -or duplex (redundancy) -same principle as a water filter Duplex oil filter

Hydraulic Filter:

Hydraulic Filter

Types of oil filter :

Types of oil filter Mechanical Magnetic High efficiency ( 3 micrometres )

Air and Pneumatic Filter:

Air and Pneumatic Filter

Primary Filters Removing Particles :

Primary Filters Removing Particles Typical commercial pneumatic filters will remove particles as small as 5 micrometres from the air lubricant particles ejected by the compressor dirt particles small water droplets aerosols

Secondary filters:

Secondary filters Can remove particles as small as 50 nanometres in size fumes, odors, vapor, mist, moisture, oil, and tiny particles from the air stream

Proper Filter Application:

Proper Filter Application Filters used in applications with steady, continuous operation at lower pressures will last longer than filters that must endure cycles of high pressure pulsating flow . Generally, the lower the micron rating of a filter, the more often it needs to be changed since it is trapping more particles.

Characteristics to Consider When Specifying a Filtration System :

Characteristics to Consider When Specifying a Filtration System 1 ) Oil Viscosity 2) Flow 3) Pressure 4) What Components will be protected by the filter 5) Cleanliness level required (expressed in ISO code) 6) Type of oil/fluid 7) Environment (the system, the surrounding conditions, etc.) 8) Duty cycle 9) Operating Temperature

Filter Types and Locations:

Filter Types and Locations

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