Locust Pose (Salabhasana) Benefits


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Salabhasana is a mild backbend pose focuses mailnly on upper back, lower back and abdomen. Explore more health benefits of locust pose at yoga tipss


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Locust pose (salabhasana):

Locust pose ( salabhasana ) Locust pose or salabhasana is the 7 th posture in the series of 12 Hatha Yoga Poses. The pose mainly aims abdomen, upper and lower back. It helps build flexibility and strengthens th back. Benefits : Improves digestion Improves back flexibility

Locust pose (salabhasana):

Locust pose ( salabhasana ) Strengthens arms and shoulder muscles Massages internal organs Precautions : Avoid if you have knee injury Avoid if you have sciatica Should be done with care if you are a beginner Learn how to do locust pose or salabhasana , benefits and precautions at yoga tipss

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