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While the last rites of a loved one are understandably a very sentimental issue, we can help you with some alternatives that will ensure your loved one an uncompromised cremation. we will help you to leave behind his/her green legacy. We specialize in providing CNG and electric cremation across Delhi NCR.Electric/CNG cremation is a gentle, eco-friendly alternative to the standard cremation and emits far less toxic material in the air. It is no doubt an unconventional way of cremation but it helps in saving valuable resources like wood, oil, etc.


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Get Service From Yaadein They specialize in providing a complete funeral package. A scary prospect but one that often comes up in dreams while awake or just when theres nothing else to think about is what is death like. What does it feel like The feeling when weve been breathing air our entire lives and all of a sudden not only does the breath stop but so does every known association we have had till that day. Its a vanishing point. hearse van services in delhi specialize in providing a complete funeral package for your loved ones. Our only goal is to provide a very compassionate service to you and your family while you suffer the loss of a loved one. We follow a complete package approach in assisting you in performing the funeral rites.

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This concept can bring comfort to someone dealing with death. Discussing the end of life with a religious scholar such as a rabbi priest or a monk can also bring clarity and relief to your anxiety about death. There are several times of hymns prayers and recitations that can also serve as an excellent guide to death. It is important to remember that our life is decreasing continually and we dont know how much time is left. It is better to sort out our personal and professional affairs especially if you are terminally ill and approaching your death. This is an ideal way of making preparation for your death. But the brilliant thing He did was help me realize that while death comes to all of us and there are plenty of theories on what happens after death the more important focus should be right here right now in the present moment.

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crematoriums in delhi take care of all aspects of a funeral from arranging a hearse van to organizing everything at the crematorium to even accompanying you to a ganga ghat for immersing the ashes Asthi Visarjan and performing Pind Daan. We also assist you with any related services such as floral decorations newspaper obituaries and home delivery of samagri for the last rites. There is no better way of dealing with the end of life than to confront your fears and find a way to cultivate peace within yourself. You may be offered comfort from various sources but at the end of the day it is you who has to face death on your own. As a guide to death it is better to recollect your happy memories. If a loved one is approaching their the end of life then make sure that their final days are full of comfort. You can also take a long due trip that you have been pending for a while. Try to make happy memories so that the final days are full of happiness. About us: Yaadein Funeral Services Address: 101/5 LSC Madangir new Delhi 110062 Phone: 7827260648 Contact:

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