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Ole Kirk Christiansen The Inventor of… Official Lego Site

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Christiansen’s Timeline Born in 1891 in Filskov, Denmark High school education Worked in a factory as a woodworker Set up his own business in Billund in 1932 Made stepladders, ironing boards and wooden toys Wooden blocks the business’ most successful product In 1934, named “LEGO,” meaning “play well” Learn More

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How Lego's Work Most LEGO pieces have two basic components – Studs Tubes Brick's studs are slightly bigger than the space between the tubes and the walls. When you press the bricks together, the studs push the walls out and the tubes in.

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Why a LEGO? Ole wanted to give kids a fun affordable toy for those that were not wealthy but still deserved to enjoy playtime.

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Stages of LEGOS Pre-School Creative Building Play Themes LEGO Serious Play Licensed Products Mindstorms Nxt LEGO Education More Themes

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The LEGO Factory Buy the LEGO software Design your own LEGO creation Purchase the pieces needed Build your creation!

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Mario LEGO Video

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